Santa Cruz SYNDICATE at the World Championships, Champery

Check out the World Champs story from the Santa Cruz Syndicate boys.

Peaty, “It is still early in the week and a lot of shit can happen.”

Greg, “It is a track that can bite you on the arse”.

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  1. Dave

    Such a shame Josh went out the front door; I was really looking forward to him hopefully on the box.

  2. joey

    peaty and greg had good results with them kinda runs tho, a crash and gettin caught in the netting.

  3. Doctor Pastor Martin Ssempa

    CRC can learn a lot from these guys haha

  4. craig

    Josh u will win world champs period!

  5. matt

    The best team in the sport at the moment I reckon. Always grinin even when they’re covered in shit, flying over the bars and coming second to last!

  6. troy hopley

    Any word on getting a finals vid up?


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