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Sam Pilgrim wins Vienna Air King 2012

Sam Pilgrim wins Vienna Air King 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Sam Pilgrim kicked off his 2012 FMB World Tour campaign on a high by winning the Vienna Air King for the third year in a row.

Sam nailed a back flip table top, backflip no hander, 360 tailwhip and a 720 on his first run to give him a whopping score of 90.00. The Austrian wind picked up for the second run, mean top three just cruised their second runs, so Pilgrim’s first run proved to be the winner.

Sam Reynolds had a peach of a first run to give him second spot and a cheque full of Euros for his troubles. That winter training is paying off.

Andreu Lacondeguy rounded out the top three.

Teva Athlete Sam Pilgrim Takes Vienna Air King Hat-trick

Teva sponsored athlete Sam Pilgrim has won The Vienna Air King, international dirt jump freeride mountain bike competition, for the third consecutive year. Pilgrim’s remarkable first run of a backflip, backflip tuck no-hander, 360 tail whip and 720 gave him 90.00 and won it for the Colchester rider.

Of the win Pilgrim says, “So once again the Vienna Air King has been and gone and I managed to get first place for the third year running! I can’t explain how happy I am and how fired up I am for the rest of the World Tour!!” Teva UK Marketing Manager Luke Schryver commented, “We’ve had Sam onboard since 2011, and he never ceases to impress us. We’re looking forward to his season and inaugural appearance at the summer Teva Mountain Games this June.”

  1. adge

    foocking wicked 1,2 well done

  2. Nutty Dave

    Tags say “News, Video Clips” so where is the video clip?

  3. billy

    Hey Peanut, you can watch the whole bloody thing here http://dirt.mpora.com/news/watch-vienna-air-king-live-dirt.html

  4. Nutty Dave

    Yes thanks for pointing out the obvious, just do your tags right in future please, is it that hard to do your job properly?

  5. billy

    I did actually fail my GCSE “tagging” module and ironically had to wear an ASBO electronic Tag for a few years too (a slight misunderstanding at the local carboot got out of hand but I have since apologised to both the vicar and his wife), but Dave, I’ll try harder with the “tag” button in future. x

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  7. ddmonkey

    @ Nutty Dave is it too much to ask that you get your name right and call yourself “Anally Retentive Dave” instead?

  8. Nutty Dave

    @ddmonkey I just like things done properly, call me what you want as your opinion is pretty much worthless/pointless to me.

  9. Eoin

    Hey Billy can you get the electrician to fix the thumbs thumbs down so we can downvote the little cunts like nutty dave and not have to read their moaning shite? Thanks for the awesome, and free service, I for one live and die by your tags…

  10. Nutty Dave

    Ooh Im a cunt, such foul language from such a small child.

  11. billy

    @ Eoin, Dave the electrician had to switch off the Free Time Thumbs Up buttons because they kept blowing a fuse and crashing the site, but he swears that he is trying to fix it and will be get it working as soon as possible.

  12. Jenny Scott

    It’s his third consecutive year. Hat-trick!!!

  13. Bert

    Dear Nutty Dave – You’re not mad, you’re just thick as squirrel shit mate

  14. Wozman

    Really enjoyed the coverage and awsome stuff from the brit boys. Reading the poison from the Nutty Professor afterwards almost put a downer on it though, had to open a bottle of red (so not all bad then eh!)

  15. Nutty Dave

    @bert exactly why am I thick? please explain yourself, if even possible.
    You do the insults, so it is clearly you who is thick as shit.

  16. Jimmy Riddle

    Nutty Dave! Do you wear your handbag when you’re out on your bike? Or does it get caught in your stabilisers?

  17. Nutty Dave

    @jimmy I have a special basket on the front so my handbag doesn’t get caught in the stabilisers, it has a nifty bell too.

  18. Phil McCracken

    Nutty Dave…. what a nasty little troll.

    Where do they all hide?…(under bridges..?…?. but mainly behind keyboards)

  19. Nutty Dave

    @phil your name is so original haven’t seen it a million times already.
    Behind a keyboard just like you, trollin trollin trollin, rawhide!

  20. Down n Dirty

    Top run from Sam.

  21. Krissboo

    @ Nutty Dave……Really, who gives a flying monkeys ass about tags and news and video clips. Surely as a web user you know how to navigate round things to find your way. Or do you need a sign telling you where to go and what to do when you get there?? I’m sure you’re one of those really helpful internet user who points out every spelling mishtake and grammatical error cause it gives you a boner!!

    Anyway, props to the 2 Sams for winning round ! Where’s “The Machine”. Did he not compete in this round?

  22. Nutty Dave

    @krissboo I think you will find it is monkeys arse and not monkeys ass, unless of course you’re American.
    And no, sadly it didn’t give me a boner :(


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