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Sam Hill Will race at Champery World Champs 2011

Sam Hill Will race at Champery World Champs 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Current downhill world champion, Sam Hill, has been given the green light from the doctor to race the Worlds at Champery next week.

Hill injured his shoulder in a training accident just after the Leogang World Cup this year which put him out for the rest of the WC season.

Anybody getting that deja vu feeling? Hill came back from injury last year to claim the title. Let’s hope Hilltop is strong enough to make a race of it. Either way it’ll be great to see him back on the bike again.

Here’s what Sam had to say over on the I Am Specialized blog:

“So I have been given the green light from my doctor to start riding again. I have been told to try not crash though which I can’t promise anything but I’m stoked to be able to ride my bike. The last 2 days I have ridden some mellow cross country on my stumpy. I have been loving it and can’t keep the smile off my face. My shoulder is still very weak and I have nearly been over the bars a couple times because I have hit some unexpected bumps and not had much strength there. It will all come back though and I’m hanging to get back out on my demo 8 soon when my shoulders a little stronger.

I’m still heading to the world champs though looking to back up my title.”


Sam Hill in full fluro mode at the first WC in PMB this year.

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  1. simon s

    will be great to see hill back on a bike and at champery.

  2. Craigy

    I feel like handing him the World champs jersey now. He hasn’t raced Champery since 2007 and that was when it pissed down, I think he is going to smash it

  3. Tim

    Oh hell yeah. Exactly what this World Champs needs; even if he isnt fully fit his presence will provide extra tension and excitment.

  4. Grisha

    I really hope he’s going to smash it, but if his shoulder is to weak to take some xc riding, I can’t see how he wants to compete at downhill world champs…
    I will put him back on my fantasy league team, which is quite bad anyway, maybe that gives him the extra motivation to win 😉

  5. toby

    probably going to be the greatest face off in mountain biking to date

  6. Tom_

    Well, it was very weird last year with Sam appearing out of nowhere and grabbing the jersey, and the reactions to his win were indeed very mixed. This year will be the same if he does it again.

  7. AmplusTarenBrasil

    Yeah!!! Gonna smash them all Sambo!!

  8. Luker

    I reckon him saying he nearly went over the bars is him bluffing. He’s just playing it cool before he goes head to head with Gwin.

  9. eightyone

    … his doctor is more scared of him crashing again on his “bad” shoulder then Sam himself!
    Good luck man…. but please …. we want you for the next full season… so take care!

  10. Bruno

    SAM HILL, Sir, You Are a Legend !!!!

  11. agvewerg

    It’d be fucking amazing if he smashes out a win, more so if he bests Aaron etc by a handful of seconds… Can’t wait for this.

  12. OliC

    i like sam hill don’t get me wrong, but as someone said over on vital. he should rest, brendan has been fairly poor this season, do spesh’ make them ride? why they dont rest and come bac next year at full speed. everyone is struggling to keep up with gwin anyway.

  13. Johan

    OliC: In Sams case he will be there to defend his rainbow stripes which i think he would do regardless of how fit he is. If he is good to go from his doctors he will be there on the start line.

    Brendog on the other hand i think he should have given up this season when he saw he wasnt finshing were he wants to and instead just have done the surgery. Then he should have started to build for next season. Instead now he wont have as much time to prepare for next season, which will be even harder since it will take time after the surgery to even start training

  14. toby

    dont forget that blinky is the second fastest rider on this track and was the man who de-throne’d sam hill at schladming in 08. then there is brendog who probably wont be on top form but still bloody fast down that hill. oh and aaron gwin…

  15. RHS

    Gwin is gonna smash everyone…

  16. guido

    the thought of racing fast at champery with barely any training and with a weak shoulder would scare the shit out of me. If he does well then id be well impressed but I can’t see it

  17. AD

    @ agvewerg. I have tremendous respect for Sam Hill as I think we all do but if he comes out and “smashes out a win” after a somewhat mediocre start to the season, by his standards anyway, and hasn’t been on the bike until yesterday….

  18. Eoin

    Hill didnt come back from nowhere last year to win worlds, he raced windham and didnt anything spectacular there. Hard to say how close that was to him getting back on the bike. This is foolish, unless his statement is a massive bluff, how does he expect to take the massive hits from the jumps in Champery, or the ridiculously steep to switchback section where strength is required to manhandle the bike. Looks like more people want him to race than not, but I would rather see him back at 100%.

    Who will be leading the monster energy trains??? Brosnan->Brendog->Hill, make it happen dirtTV and film it, dont bother covering any other aspect of the race :)

  19. Spooky

    Really hope he smashes it… If he even gets near the podium though it will be amazing, especially since he’s been pulling his plonker for the past few months.

    He did it once before, i think he can do it again! Go Sam!!

  20. toby

    i agree with AD i was very disappointed in sams early season he certainly was not in the same condition as his top two competitors. i have a suspicion that he faked the recent injury in order to focus on training for worlds

  21. Pavedog

    Not gonna lie guys, i think Mr Samuel Hill himself knows more about if hes ready or not than a bunch of keyboard bandits! And hes most definitely not gonna let those stripes go without a fight!

    I think hes gonna kill it to be honest as it is ‘his’ track…


  22. Max

    I think he has done more training during his injuiry than he says. If anybody can block the pain away and smash everybody it will be Sam Hill.

  23. Big Al

    Sam Hill is an anagram for ‘mash ill’. If Sam can mash his ills then he should win! Go Sam!!

  24. TomD

    No doubt Hill has left some amazing history on that Swiss mountainside but that was 4 years ago, during his best season to date. I just can’t see him competing with the current crop who last weekend were riding at warp speed down the most gnarly and roughest track of the year. Still, it’s Sam Hill so who knows? He likes to keep the cards close to his chest. Whatever the outcome, it will be great to see him back.

  25. generator

    If it rains he is in contention for a medal, regardless of his shoulder strenght. If it’s dry, fast and rough, then it will be really difficult. Anyway, he needs to show up for “photo session” riding his new carbon DEMO…Spec needs his pics for advertismets 😉
    Imagine the hype if he wins!!

  26. Leo

    It’s difficult to say if he should be racing or not, but lets be honest, if you were current world champ and its a track you excel on to keep your title would you seriously sit it out?
    Those of you suggesting that he faked the injury, get out of your mothers basement and buy a new bike that doesn’t have apollo written on the side.

  27. GDH

    God I hope Sam wins it again! I would love nothing more then for him to repeat what he did last year. I bet he has been smashing runs out back in OZ like there is no tomorrow. Go on Sam!!!!!

  28. mongo

    If its Dry I am thinking Gwinn will win and that would be cool. If its wet I would be delighted if Sam turned up and smashed the fu*k out of it, and took the win, all depends on his shoulder which must be pretty solid to consider a track like that…… Id love to see Brendog pull one out…. its going to be some race and I will be there…yeoooo!!

  29. optimus doddsy

    Hill Vs Gwin, lets get it on!!!!!

  30. Pete

    I think this is some well-timed post to try and put the willies up the rest of the field and create some excitement. And it has worked.

    Has nobody else noticed that if he did his shoulder in just after Leogang, then it’s been almost 10 weeks since the accident? I’m sure Samuel hasn’t been languishing in an NHS hospital constantly getting pushed back an ever increasing waiting list……

    Sam Hill’s idea of mellow XC may also be a mixture of Nevegal, Fort William and a fight with skeletor.

    He’ll ride and will be faster than a greased weasel. Whether he wins or not is anyone’s guess.

  31. leopineda

    hope to see a lot of mud at worlds, go Hill, bluffing or not its great news to know u r back!

  32. mellon

    ”gwin will win if it’s dry…” I know Gwin is on the pipe this year but people seem to be forgetting that Hill won qualifying in 2007 by more than 14 seconds on this track in the dry. Gwin is not 14secs faster than Hill. Granted, it was gnarlier back then but I wouldn’t count him out when worlds and a near vertical track are involved…

  33. Dave

    Gwin may not be 14 seconds faster than Hill but lets not forget Gwin was up a few seconds on Hill on the top section of Ft William…

    I think it’s safe to say Gwin has proven he is not just a 1 trick specialist, he is good on all tracks.

    Last year Hill had a chance to come back and see what pace everyone else is riding at but not this time… it’s going to be hard.

    Still, awesome news he’s back – the scene has missed the danger man!

  34. slam hill

    Im gona massacre that yank plank

  35. cool hand luke

    i smell a bluff with that weak shoulder comment too, im pretty sure i saw a video of him at home ‘recooperating’ on an MX bike 😉

  36. ronin

    it’s sam hill on his kind of track. unless he’s missing an arm you can’t or shouldn’t count him out for the win regardless how he’s coming in. what has warner called him? the winged assasin, was it? never see him and then ***BAM*** you’re dead. it’s on now, ladies.

  37. Potts

    Fucking do it boy

  38. Redwoodrider

    nobody cares, his racing career is over the hill

  39. stacy kohut

    he should stay home, get fit , and get ready for next year.
    thats the smart, big picture, i care about my career move.
    the risk to re injure is just too great.

    brosnan for the win in elite and jrs.
    double rainbow jerseys in one year at the age of 17.
    wouldn’t that be gnarly?

  40. Andy

    I’m with Olic re Brendan. he should have binned the season to get his operation done sooner and so have more rehab and training under his belt for next year. Given this season has essentially been a write off for him anyway.

  41. OliC

    Stacy didn’t Troy turn 18 whilst he was up in your part of world for Crankworx?

  42. Johno

    You can’t ride out of category in a Championship event, National, Euro or Worlds… Even if Brosnan is fastest junior with a time faster than the Elite winner he will only be Junior Champ.

    ….You chumps

    I’m sure Brendon appreciates all the advice from you, what…doctors? Seasoned pros? …..or keyboard hero’s?

  43. Johan

    Johno: Some people actually may have spent a few years around greater athletes than you think. Everbody isnt just a ”keyboard hero” know it all, some might actually know.

  44. jcthegc

    haha i reckon this’ll be the craziest race in history. let him race!

  45. AD

    @ GDH. So you’d be ok with Sam Hill “smashing runs out back in Oz like there’s no tomorrow” after saying he’s injured and not been on the bike until this week and pretending he got it all back in two weeks? In other word’s lying about his injury in an attempt to build his legend.

  46. GDH

    @ AD. Yes Im OK with that. Is that OK with you? Should I ask your permission next time? Would that make you feel better? Please let me know. Im terribly concerned that you dont approve of me. I will now lie awake for endless nights hoping that one day I do something you approve of. Its terribly important for me to live my life and generate opinions based on your views of the world. After all, you are a very important person who’s internet preachings are what I wish to live by….

  47. AD

    @ GDH I have no respect for liars but if you’re into it, knock yourself out. I just hope Sam doesn’t come back to early and have a career ending injury. After working in physio therapy as a therapist for twenty years and having a knee reconstruction ( blown ACL & LCL ) and shoulder surgery to repair three ruptured ligaments and going through the rehab for both I think it would be a big risk. And may all you’re friends lie to you this week.

  48. Munzy


  49. guido

    re Brendan. check out this month’s dirt interview. He pretty much says that he hs continued this season without an ACL because he needs to get paid. Specialized – no play, no pay

  50. James

    Gossip mags are saying Sam tried to leave Australia and the tax department stopped him as he had not paid tax in several years and the injury was faked.
    Rumor also has it that Specialized and Monster are going their separate ways at the end of this season, they want a cleaner image than Monster. Sam will stay with Monster, dont know what bikes he will be on, Specialized will have their own team for 2012.
    Could be all lies though.

  51. samu

    There is a strategy in all this, sam hill stays home for training and don’t risk his skin untill the world champs, so he can win easy the world champ like is not having any injury during the world cup rounds. easy trick like the last year..

  52. B.utters

    @James, where is this rumor that Monster and Specialized are splitting at the end of the season come from? I’m just curious and it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense for that to happen. Considering the quality of riders on the Monster team I couldn’t really think of a better team to represent them and I can’t see how you could get a much cleaner image.

  53. tom

    you cunts need to get life’s

  54. Dado

    Honestly, i don’t think Sam will be able to win it. Maybe if it’s pissing down like 4 years ago. But let’s face Gwin’s ability in the rain – it’s quite obvious that he’s not doing that well in the wet. Besides that he’s just boring to watch. Super smooth runs and the highest commitment aren’t enough for a complete athlete. He should learn how you have to present yourself when you’re in such a leading postion. Just my 2 cents.

  55. AD

    It just occurred to me that Gwin and Hill will be the last two at the start gate on race day. Sure would be cool to observe that…. Intensity.


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