UPDATE: Sam Hill knee injury?

The internet is awash with rumours about Sam Hill and a moto knee injury.

I would love to be able to fill you in on the real information but I myself am suffering from an ACL trauma, i.e A Computer Letdown (my computer has been bust for a week now, no email, no browsing, no nothing )

So for the time being I’ll hand it over to you lot to discuss in the comments.

As soon as my ACL is fixed I’ll try and get some proper facts.

Just received this from team manager Sean Heimdal:

“Not too much to say. I’m not in Australia, so I can only report that Sam tweaked his knee training for 2010 and he’s rehabbing with the goal of being ready for Maribor. He’s had some great success bouncing back from previous mishaps, and we’re confident he’ll be back stronger than ever.”

More news as we get it…

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