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UPDATE: Sam Hill knee injury?

UPDATE: Sam Hill knee injury?

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The internet is awash with rumours about Sam Hill and a moto knee injury.

I would love to be able to fill you in on the real information but I myself am suffering from an ACL trauma, i.e A Computer Letdown (my computer has been bust for a week now, no email, no browsing, no nothing )

So for the time being I’ll hand it over to you lot to discuss in the comments.

As soon as my ACL is fixed I’ll try and get some proper facts.

Just received this from team manager Sean Heimdal:

“Not too much to say. I’m not in Australia, so I can only report that Sam tweaked his knee training for 2010 and he’s rehabbing with the goal of being ready for Maribor. He’s had some great success bouncing back from previous mishaps, and we’re confident he’ll be back stronger than ever.”

More news as we get it…



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  1. Billy Cheetham

    Ive just had my ACL reconstruction a month ago now after having surgery and bone graft,along with new ligaments!
    Now back on the road bike but no DH for at least 7-9 months gutted!!!!

  2. Rodney

    Plenty of gossip, but no confirmation of injury yet here in Australia.

  3. Tom

    I heard he did it on a humpty dumpty.

  4. billy

    Rodney, pop round to his house and ask him could ya?

  5. Tom

    Easy for you to say that Billy, but does anyone know where Sam lives?

  6. oe

    It’s not that big of a place, if Rodney doesn’t know him i’m sure someone down his street will know where Sam lives!

  7. billy

    I’m 99% sure he lives in Ramsey Street, two down from Harold Bishop.

  8. Jase

    He did live there but he’s moved to summer bay now by all accounts!

  9. James

    Sam Hill is an American English slang phrase, a euphemism or minced oath for “the devil” or “hell” personified (as in, “What in the Sam Hill is that?”).

  10. OliverGhost
  11. James Russell

    Why did I just click on that?

  12. Moritz

    It’s a real shame. First Sam Hill snaps his ACL and now MJS is out with a knee injury as well. Looks like both of them will miss most of the 2010 season, a real bummer.

  13. WAKi

    I’m sure Sam Hill just built his new house on one of Chuck Norris’ properties.

  14. jonesdirtmag

    Some confusion here….wasn’t the trauma was caused by a visit to Fagins in Treorchy on his recent trip?

  15. billy

    No Jones, that is your trauma and you keep going back week after week after week.

    Just spoke to team mate Brendan on the phone and he says “No Comment”

  16. Mark

    Does the graphic above imply that Sam was wearing a skirt and heals when he damaged his ACL?

  17. billy

    What Sam Hill wears in his spare time, in his own home away from the race scene is no business of ours. (the graphic was a hastily screen grabbed image from me on my ZX81, BigMIke says no one is interested in my computer problems though :-( )

  18. Farmer

    If Brendan says no comment, surely things are looking bad. If it wasn’t true he’d just straight up say No, he hasn’t.

    If it is true, it’s realy bad for the series this year. He was sure to absolutely dominate most of the tracks this year.

  19. ed@dirt

    If it is true and he’s out for the whole year then that sucks massively. I know a lot of people will disagree, but for me personally if Hill isn’t racing World Cups this year then the title means nothing. It just won’t be the same without him.

  20. John

    If he has a torn ACL he’ll be done for the year.. if he it is just a fracture of a bone he could be ready for the start of the season.

  21. ACL

    I had a ACL-injury and after 4 or 5 month I was able to ride Downhill…. and I am not a professional rider.
    Fabien Barel had the same injure and his comeback took not a year….

  22. Aaron

    On the flip side, will Brendan step into the void? We all know he’s a special rider when it comes to steep and tech… Could he have challenged Hill on some of the tracks this year? I reckon there would have been a chance. But let’s hope this has just been blown out of proportion and he’s just got a grazed knee from falling over on Ramsay Street pavement.

  23. John

    Who’s MJS?

  24. Tom

    i snapped my ACL and also buggered my cartilage in my knee in October 2008! i had a reconstruction operation in may 09 and have only just started getting back on the downhill bike. i had nearly 17 months of the downhill. hope sam hill hasnt done the same.

  25. MINT

    i heard that the tracks this year is going to be an advantage to sam hill but then if this is true and he`s gonna be missing some rounds then i`d say fairclough might take his first win…
    seasons a bit shorter this year so to be able not miss a round would be crucial.

  26. Dirt HQ

    We are trying to get the official word on this. No news as yet.

  27. enri

    woah…if that’s true it’s a real shame..it would mean a lose of spicy in wc rounds and wchamps aswell..we’ll see,anyway!

  28. nojzilla

    i seperated my ACL from the bone about 8-9 years ago, doctors told me it was “just a spraign”! i started riding again as soon as the swelling went down, never felt quite right tho so two years later i go see a specialist an get a camera put into my knee, “well weve trimed some meniscus damage and you’ve poped your ACL from the bone”. just a spaign… CHEERS NHS!!! he said to fix the ACL they gotta sperate lots of other ligaments to get to the ACL then re-attach the whole lot!!! 6months on the sofa 1 year outta work an 18months to two years before riding at my top level……….no thanks
    no ACL no biggie!

  29. shelvin

    check this out this a video i found of him doing his knee


  30. Dirt HQ

    Just received this from team manager Sean Heimdal:
    “Not too much to say. I’m not in Australia, so I can only report that Sam tweaked his knee training for 2010 and he’s rehabbing with the goal of being ready for Maribor. He’s had some great success bouncing back from previous mishaps, and we’re confident he’ll be back stronger than ever.”


  31. MINT

    thanks dirt!i think i felt relieved!

  32. tumble

    He’s an Aussie, a “tweaked” knee means he’ll be smashing berms again this weekend!

  33. ed@dirt

    Bit of a strange quote from Sean? I mean surely he does know more than that what with the existence of phones and emails. Still I really hope that is the case and he will be back in action for the start of the season…but part of me still expects to hear worse news further down the line.

  34. Tudor

    Too bad for Sam and for the entire circuit. I think they better stick to pedaling. Minnaar also took it big time

  35. Dirt HQ

    Maribor is around 9/10 weeks away. So does that mean that Hill will be missing Sea Otter?

  36. gogo

    fabien ruptured his PCL last season at the beginning and managed with good rehab and brace to compete and win during the season!

  37. MINT

    yeah but thats barrel!he`s tough…

  38. ronin

    hey guys there’s still that new world chmp guy from the UK who may be pretty motivated as well and worth cheering on.

  39. Mihai

    If Barrel had the injury he said he had, no brace would have helped him. Had a chat with Cedric who btw. also wears one and actually had surgery. It’s all marketing, exposure, sponsors, industry and press. Hope he’s not injured though, I want to see that green devil ridden at Maribor. Stil Brendam might also do so.

  40. generator

    @Mihai, did you see Barel move his knee forward and backward? There was a video after SA. Now if that wasn’t damaged knee….

  41. MINT

    generator, please post a link to tht vid…

  42. greg

    haha at mihai at saying its just for the sponsors.. fabiens knee was wrecked this season, but having a brace allowed him to ride

  43. Mihai

    @greg i saw the video. That is not a injury that will stop a wc athlete from riding. its like Achmed: it has something to do with the ligaments. btw as I remember at the worlds he was riding without knee pads or brace. He is a great rider though I have my doubts concerning his truth.

  44. generator

    …won’t stop riding WC athlete, but to be on the level Barel was afterwards? In Canberra there was no need for the brace as there was no need to put foot out…ever. He put the brace off for better pedaling efficency.

  45. johnny

    Too much movement for a healty knee.

  46. Noah

    That Barel vid is gross. Makes MY knees hurt.

  47. MINT

    huh!i admired barrel more cuz of that video.

  48. James SKetchy

    Alright boys,

    I spoke with Barel out at the mega avalanche about his knee and he did not completely wreck his PCL, he did more damage to another part of his knee but i cant remember exactly what it was. The injury is not a fake! If you think his video is bad check out this…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BkJhiEcFcg

    I am currently recovering from a PCL surgery, its a nightmare!

  49. oknid

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