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Sam Hill is the fastest qualifier at Vallnord, Andorra

Sam Hill is the fastest qualifier at Vallnord, Andorra

Sam Hill just edges Greg Minnaar out of the hot seat, by .046 of a second. Could this be the end of Atherton domination, or are Gee and Rach just saving themselves for the main event. Last year’s dominator, Aaron Gwin was 20 seconds back we’re assuming he’s had an issue somewhere on track.


1. Sam Hill
2. Greg Minnaar
3. Gee Atherton

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  1. Eoin


  2. MaverickEn


  3. savdog

    mint !!

    1. meat pie sausage roll

      i would love one i’ve been talking shit in the cabin all day as usual

  4. Hoshi

    FUCK YEAH! HILL for President!


      BEST POST EVER!!! yes man i agree, come the fook on Sam, hahahaa, i changed my fantasy team just in time then i see moowahahahaaaaaa.

  5. Pedro


  6. craig

    Gwinn ?

  7. craig

    sorry just seen it

  8. Attila Rutkay


  9. Pete

    Sam is breathing fire

  10. jason

    Good to see Sam back on it. Hope it carries it through tothe race

    Gwin in 142nd and Brook DNF – anyon eknow what happened?

    1. paulhaysom

      Brook was complaining about a shoulder. He’s protected isn’t he? Might be saving himself for finals…

  11. Daire

    Flat pedals for medals is right! Hope Brendog can move up into at least a podium position in finals! Brook has a shoulder injury Jason which explains the DNF. Gwin either crashed or had a break down.

    1. Dan

      Brendan had a flat and still came in 9th.

  12. dirt dodger

    is it me or does Sam look ilke he is about to pull a massive berp in that shot? B-)

    1. Andy V

      I was thinking puke, but perhaps a belch as well for safe measure? 😉

  13. Gor

    Yeah boy!
    beautiful picture btw! 😉

  14. Hancock

    Yup, Gwin’s had a mechanical, it’s called a Demo… in all seriousness that’s unlucky for the man, this year is turning into a real gong show for him.
    Ahem, looks like Sam is making up for that epic crash in 2009, but will it be enough to stop big George come race day?

  15. Eoin

    Apparently Bruni crashed and still came 4th!!! So pumped for sunday!!!!

    1. EmilMP

      If that’s true it’s pretty crazy when he’s only 2.8 down. Can’t wait for the young frenchie to get his first win… of many to come..!

  16. Melvin

    G’waaan Sam!

  17. Angus

    5 Brits in the top 15!


    “Last year’s dominator, Aaron Gwin was 20 seconds back we’re assuming he’s had a mechanical somewhere on track.”…….nah he is just wishin it looked like a trek 😉

  19. CC

    Gwin disparaged the Trek during the “fall out” over the winter. Really was uncalled for…

  20. MaverickEn

    Longer chain stays haven’t work for him [Gwin] yet huh, tough love in his first year on Specchy!

  21. Nate

    Go Sam!!!

  22. Gabriel Fitzgerald

    Sammy still the worlds best !!

  23. InsaneShane

    Yiiiiiiehah! Sam on fire! Hope he can hold it together come race day. Time to push the button!

  24. lewi boii

    danny needs to get 9 seconds up if he wants the win

  25. ted

    yeeeaaaahhh boi!!!!

  26. Stefan Lüttenberg

    Yes! The Flatpedal wonder from Downunder is back !

  27. Will Wickham

    Like the cover of Maden Football, Specialized is cursed!

  28. House

    He will smash them if he just stay on his scooter

  29. dirt dodger

    how come some American site gets DIRT Tv quali vids before you guys?


    1. Ben
  30. Mr A



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