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Sam Hill And Caroline Buchanan win Aussie National Rd1 Mt Buller

Sam Hill And Caroline Buchanan win Aussie National Rd1 Mt Buller

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

While us lot in the UK were slip-sliding in the snow and ice this weekend, Sam Hill and Caroline Buchanan were blasting the hot, dusty turns in sunny Mt Buller for round 1 of the Subaru Gravity Cup in Australia.

Elite Men

1. Sam Hill 3:22.02
2. Chris Kovarik 3:23.68
3. Connor Fearon 3:24.08

“With the first race of the year, I’m feeling a bit of pressure and it’s good to win,” Hill said. “I’m with a new team this year so I put a bit of pressure on myself to prove the bike’s worthy of winning, it was a pretty tough track today. It was really loose and dusty and there were a couple of big holes and not a lot of room for mistakes.”

Sam Hill.

Elite Women

1. Caroline Buchanan 4:06.42
2. Claire Buchar 4:07.14
3. Lisa Mathison 4:16.32

“I was hoping to pull off a time about four seconds quicker than my seeding and my goal was to be top three so it’s pretty surprising to come away with the win. I seem to be adapting quite quickly to the downhill bike after being away from the sport for so long,” Buchanan said of her four years away from downhill mountain biking, I feel like I’m at the right level I need to be right now.”

Caroline Buchanan.

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 08.24.48

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  1. warthog

    Nice to see Kovarik up there!

  2. Machete

    I hope sam hill goes old skool on this years world cup and comes screaming down the track like a rally car with its arse on fire firing rocks and shit everywhere

    1. chaz

      absolutely made my day that has, cheers

    2. dirt dodger

      amazing !! haha get in there machete, me too BTW. GOOOO ON SAM !

    3. Machete

      I just really want someone to pop Gwin’s balloon and I reckon Hill deserves it

      1. dirt dodger

        oh me too !

  3. steve's had enough!

    wow – would be great to see kovarik back on the world cups.

  4. DeJean

    raced there in 2003. This brings back blurry memories

  5. Jamazepam

    Good win for Hill. Is that Nukeproofs first win? Would have been an interesting race if Troy Brosnan was there.

  6. ronin

    kovarik- berm destroyer & congrats, sam!


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