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Sam Blenkinsop leaves Yeti Cycles

Sam Blenkinsop leaves Yeti Cycles

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

That’s right Blinky will not race for Yeti in 2010. At present the Factory team is Jared Graves, Aaron Gwin and Joey Schusler.

So, who will Sam Blenkinsop be riding for next year?

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Press Release:

Returning will be six-year team veteran, Jared Graves, who dominated the 2009 World Cup circuit in four-cross, winning the World Cup Overall and World Championships. American downhill prodigy, Aaron Gwin, who finished top ten overall in World Cup standings in just his second year racing mountain bikes, will also be on board and will be focused on adding to his podium count next season. Young gun, Sam Blenkinsop, will race for another team for the 2010 season.

“Sam has raced for us the last two years and had great success under our program,” said Chris Conroy, Yeti’s president. “While it is always bittersweet to see a rider like Sam move on, he has been presented a great opportunity with another team and we wish him the best of luck,” said Conroy.

Yeti has a long track record of developing young riders and this will play into the team dynamics for next season. “Fortunately, we have a strong development program and this will give one of our younger riders more experience on the world stage,” Conroy said. Most notably, Colorado native, Joey Schusler, will be given and opportunity to try his mettle on the World Cup circuit this year.

To bolster the team support, Yeti will add Scott Sharples to the program to help manage the team, mentor the racers, and provide coaching support to all levels of the program. Sharples was previously the Australian National Team coach, and has coached some of the best gravity riders in the sport. Additionally, Yeti will add a strength and conditioning coach, who will be named later. Damion Smith will remain as Team Manager.

“We’re committed to building our team for long-term success,” Conroy said. “We believe these key staff additions will give our riders the best support in industry and pay big dividends down the road.”

Yeti Cycles is a high-end mountain bike company, based in Golden, Colorado. The company has nearly twenty-five years of racing experience and focuses its product development on making racers go faster.

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  1. Dirt HQ

    Big news then, but where will he go. Who will Blenkinsop be riding for in 2010? Any guesses?

  2. Doobs

    Thats pretty Intense news….

  3. ok here goes

    This is a Giant….story

  4. pete

    Sad to see blinky taking a Trek…

  5. RacePace

    I think he will Raleigh around!

  6. Dunker

    I think you will see him on a WalMart Special

  7. Isaac

    Hopefully he will come off better than 7th next year against his Foes.

    Dammit all the good ones have been taken 😛

  8. 'Tentense


  9. Brad Smith

    I heard he likes cutting down trees.He yells Morewood when he has no more trees

  10. mike

    well he is pretty specialized at what he does!

  11. Joe

    You never know, he might be the lucky (La)Pierre. (Urban dictionary that one!).

  12. lee

    he is a pretty solid rider! man on a mission!

  13. Olly

    He’ll be on Trek since he’s under 23 degrees management and Martin Whitely is the gaff of both that and the Trek factory team, Neethling and Leov are good but I think Trek would want some young ripper with a World Cup win behind him and an amazing career ahead, and this kid can ride! Plus he’s been on the same team as Justin Leov in the past, there both Kiwis and by all accounts good mates and since Neethling is from S.Africa and Whitely is an Ozzy, there all Southern Hemisphere types, well anyway, thats my entry anyway!

  14. Belter

    Bike’s nowa’ days are getting more Specialized.

  15. rob

    Aw man, whats with the sensible answer? Somebody should get SPANKed for that.

  16. bob the builder

    Hes got kiwi blood and 2010 will be his year – I heard he is planning a “2Stage” kiwi assault to get top of the podium

  17. tammy

    reckon it’ll be trek or possibly GT…

  18. puregutz

    blinky rides like a dEVIL but still avoiding injuries.

  19. whiskey

    Hope ‘santa’ brings him something new to ‘cruz’ around on!

  20. bobi

    Yep, some people say that he will join Lapierre Team, and take Danny Hart’s place read

  21. Dorny

    It’d be pretty Intense to see him ripping around on a 951 with palmer showing him how to be rock and roll, maybe on CGs new team

  22. Joe

    Hopefully the young pinner will be on something good for 2010

  23. Matt

    I hope he gets his Diamond Back!

  24. Steve

    As Long as he doesnt sell out, and go Commercial… (yes i kniw.. spelling) its getting hard now.

  25. Taylor Williams

    this has ruined my day , the yeti bike suited blinky so well and i cant believe hes leaving . whyyyyyyyyyy !!!

  26. Adam

    The westerly wizard reckons he has been SUMMUMed.

    But he also thinks that teatowls fly backwards…

  27. monkey

    nobody yeti knows but maybe nicolai knows something!

  28. gareth

    Well to be honest, Wherever he rides I’m certain he’ll hit all the TRANSITION’s with flat out speed. He’ll have all the K9 pit-wag’s chasing him due to his success & well, it’s a bit SPOOKY but if he really hits the hard NOXXS he can always go chat to his mate NICOLAI about a LAST chance job at the BROOKLYN MACHINE WORKS????

    hahaha. got a few more in there…..

  29. ANT


  30. downhillrage

    its EAZE he will be riding like mother f***in CANDYMAN trying to deliver his treats to the lapierres!

  31. Euan Jenkins .I.E. the bacon boy ( read the latest dirt)

    ancilloti anyone ???? i think thats a very big possibility

  32. Richdirtbiker46

    The best possibility is a biggish team who can develop his skills and there bikes and get some good exposure, it’s not going to be any small outfit,as they won’t have the money.

    Trek, Lapierre, Rocky Mountain, Commencal, Evil and all could have space if options have been taken or not (Trek & Commencal long shots).

  33. paul

    hes on a yeti next year

  34. mike

    Blinky will Turn’er round,not before rolling a big Kona and smoking it with his mate Scott

  35. the judge

    I think he wants something in orange…

  36. Iloer

    It seems he will be MOUNTAIN CYCLEing next year on the DH World Cup
    with a big team

  37. Gaz

    I think he should visit a Millyard. Ha, when you thought they were all thought of!!!!! lol.

  38. lopes

    but gaz…do you mean the millyard down by the cove! lets hope blink’s not feeling too psy-cotic and descides to ride a hardtail next year.

  39. BigGAZ

    What a bad press release from YETI….. How to NOT promote your actual program… Talk of what you have not what you lost…

  40. Paul

    Maybe the picture will be a little clearer next year? Esp if it were painted by the late great (leonardo) DeVinci 😉

  41. Cai Niclas Wyn

    I think it’ll be apollo.

  42. MINT


  43. TC

    Lapierre, ladies and gents. You have my word…

  44. Housey

    Santa will bring him something to cruz to those wc wins.

  45. Jodhilla

    think the SUNN is rising on a new era for Blenki!

  46. James

    Looks like Yeti’s racing EMPIRE is falling apart….

  47. mike

    Trek trek trek trek trek

  48. Tom


  49. Matt

    He’ll ride Lapierre. He ‘ll replace Dany Hart who has just broken his engagment.

  50. 'Tentense

    Lapierre with Camelini

  51. tomo

    don’t worry he’ll find something to razz down them ‘rocky mountains’ on. then he will ‘trek’ up to the top and ‘charge’ down again. then go relax with his mate gary and do some fishing.

  52. warf

    he’s a seriously knolly rider.

  53. raymond

    can he TURNER back?

  54. tom

    Blenki with camellini in the Lapierre Team for 2010, official soon !!!

  55. nozes

    can’t get more Pinbike-stoopid than this,can it?

  56. Sam Rodda

    I heard he’s going out with someone called Sara Cen.

  57. Rafi

    it’ll be a bit of a Turner round if he ends up on a turner next year!

  58. Philipp

    I think there´s too many riders out there _cruz´in, Blinky is more of an _evil (and fast) nature. Or he might find the nerd in himself and become a _Trekkie, believing in illuminati, #23 and the lot. But who knows…

  59. sykesy

    gracia’s team?

  60. ohyeah!

    Try Blinki to Syndicate replacing Minnaar, who could head to GT with Hannah;)

  61. Douda

    Blinky will ride on Lapierre.A french rider have seen Sam and Camellini on a Lapierre in France. It’s on a french forum.
    I’m sad…Lapierre doesn’t suit the style of Blinky!!But cool to see a new team.kiss

  62. Andy

    Great Scott, that’s a Shocker. I’m sure Yeti are miss-Schwinn him allready. He’s the NSt best thing to come out of New Zealand. Sure he’ll find the right Formula for next year though……etc

  63. Peety

    I think he will be ready 4Mountains next year

  64. Toto

    this discussion should have been over when WalMart was mentioned

  65. bobi
  66. Luke

    blinky is racing for LaPierre this 2010 season!


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