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Sam Blenkinsop breaks his fibula

Sam Blenkinsop breaks his fibula

Dirt HQ Dirt HQ

Very sad/bad news here for Lapierre International star Sam Blenkinsop, he’s out with a broken leg.

Here’s word from Blenky himself on his Facebook page, “I broke my fibula bone in my ankle on Friday, slipped down a steep hill and it cracked!”

I did the same thing sledging in the dark two years ago! He has to be looking at six weeks in plaster and then some recovery time. The first round of the World Cup in South Africa is nine weeks, so I would imagine he will be back on it then, but will he be up to full speed? Maybe the rest will do him good! Get well soon.

  1. gregb

    unlucky blenky. speaking of world cups when finally 3 coming out?

  2. dirt dodger

    the fib isn’t a bad bone to break to be honest (if any break can be deemed as not bad) and a fit athlete like Blenky will recover fine and in no time, it’s the Tibula that’s the main problem as that’s the large bone in the lower half, i spiralled both from ankle to knee in 3 places last year on a bloody French service station coming back from the Mega, that was a loooooooong recovery…heal up fast Blenky – come on we need the young uns!!!

  3. Leon

    Unlucky dude , fix up fast !
    Yeah when is Finally landing ? It’s gonna be next season soon 😛

  4. Dirt HQ

    Finally? Well we are hoping to have it for you next week!

  5. Luc "Acadian" Albert

    what dirt dodger said – I’m still recovering from an open wound fracture of the Tibia and would have taken a broken fibula over the tib any day. Still sad news tho as Sam is one of my favorite riders to watch. Godspeed!

  6. Pedro

    I broke it last year (drunk BMX), He’ll be stiff but no great drama’s.

  7. Dirty Dee

    Good luck with the recovery, hoping to see his loose style get him on the podium again this year.

  8. Eoin



  9. Leo

    My mate broke both sides and 4 weeks later, he was riding bmx again. 6 weeks and you couldn’t tell.


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