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Saas-Fee Glacier Downhill Race 2012

Saas-Fee Glacier Downhill Race 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Check out this bonkers mass start glacier race in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

Rowan Sorrell (who will be writing up his adventure for next months Dirt Magazine) said on Facebooks:

“Phew survived! That is something every rider should do once in their life, Saas Fee glacier race. I maxed out at 84.5mph max and I got smoked!”

Here are a few numbers:

Start height: 3500m
Finish: 1800m
Drop: 1700m
Fastest time: 7:31
Number of riders: 142
Icecreams eaten: 6
Winner: Charlie Di Pasquale (Any relation to squeaky comedian Joe?)
Speeds: Over the 80mph mark.
Soiled pants:43

(We’ve got some Rowdog Snowdog helmet/chesty cam action coming up soon too)

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  1. gulson

    Oh my god! I know what i’m doing next year!

  2. ben


  3. ddmonkey

    Curses, would have been there if I hadn’t bust my ankle… next year!

  4. ddmonkey

    Rohan! :)

  5. r_mac

    did there start numbers mean anything? if so 4,5,6 had a blinder

  6. richy taylor

    what a great race. with more practice and better tyres you could haul some serious ass. a great laugh for sure.

  7. pete

    Looks awesome! there is a snow downhill at Elm in switerland on saturday 31st if anyones interested http://www.sportbahnenelm.ch/winter-mad-mountain-weekend.html

  8. pete

    switzerland dammit !!!!


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