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Rob's Dirty Business: Whistler with Brett Tippie

Rob's Dirty Business: Whistler with Brett Tippie

Rob Warner…Brett Tippie…quite possibly the funniest video of the year…no need to say more…enjoy…

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  1. william praniski

    motherf%ˆ$, he lost all my respect in the last 30 seconds of the video.
    you should never treat a bike like that. especially in whistler.

    1. Oz

      Totally agree. We can dismiss these egotistical videos as a bit of fun, but wrecking a bike for no reason is just mindless. Sorry Rob, that wasn’t cool or funny.

      1. Hoob

        Totally agree aswell. That bike could have saved peoples lives in Africa or something, you should be ashamed of yourself Rob.

  2. Bob

    What’s next? Dirty Business Off Season Special – Rob smashes up a bus shelter or graffitis a phone box. Vandalism is not victimless. Maybe if Rob used his high profile to help starving kids in Africa he would get respect. Instead he does this. What a sad old fucker.

  3. skud

    one less specialized in the world – respect

  4. ben

    wtf are you all moaning about, he only bashes up a POS bike a little, it’s not like he’s torturing an ethiopian.

    1. Oz

      Why smash up anything for no reason?

      1. PedOakley

        It was clearly not damaged much. And it was funny. Loosen up a bit folks

  5. Paul

    Bike-smashing aside, poor old Lord Warner going outside his “Consumption Zone” – we’ve ALL been there once..!

  6. steevie

    Both of them are classic ‘crying on the inside’ types. Can spot it a mile away. Manic depression is a bad thing.


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