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Robbie Maddison Jump with added VIDEO!

Robbie Maddison Jump with added VIDEO!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Weekly braaap news: Maddo in another do-or-die leap.


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Australian stunt Motocrosser Robbie Maddison not only jumped over the 85 metre wide Corinth Canal at height of nearly 100 metres in Greece on Thursday, but he also had a bigger hurdle to overcome: fear.

CORINTH (Greece). Motocross Freestyle, with breathtaking tricks such as flips performed at heights of up to three storeys high, is one the world’s most dangerous sports. Robbie Maddison is one of the world’s best in FMX. But that is not enough for the 28-year-old Australian.


Maddison is always looking for even greater thrills and has completed a number of spectacular jumps that would have made pioneering stuntman Evel Knievel proud. In 2007 and 2008 Maddison set three world records for distance all the way to 107 metres (350 feet). In 2009 he celebrated New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas by jumping up 30 metres onto the Arc de Triomph in front of Paris Las Vegas and then descended off the monument to ground level. Last year pictures of him jumping the Tower Bridge over the Thames River with a backflip while the drawbridge was open went around the world.


Many Motocrossers have wanted to jump across the Corinth Canal, which was built in 1893. But the Australian was the first to succeed. He sped his Honda 500 up through a turnfilled approach past a pool, across a soccer pitch and past a chicken coop to a speed of 125 km/h. On Thurday morning he accelerated up a ramp over the canal some 80 metres below and landed safely on a mound set up on the other side of the canal. At his apogee Maddison was 95 metres above the canal’s surface.
Maddison said getting the approach right despite the constantly changing surfaces – from grass to concrete to wood to asphalt again and then carpet – was difficult enough but there was greater hurdle to the jump: “Overcoming fear, that’s always the hardest part,” Maddison said.


“Maddo” will travel straight from Greece to Mexico City for the season opener of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. Maddison was second overall last year and aims to win the title this year.

  1. Nidjo

    OMG,this is huge, he is crazy,congratulations,,,

  2. LYTHY

    Shit thats big!

  3. Stuart

    Now we just wait for Travis Pastrana to step up in his rally car…. That shit is insane!

  4. ronin

    i think mine would’ve shriveled up on the approach!

  5. Mez


  6. Daniel Eagle

    Who needs a bridge anyways. So amazing.

  7. Vathana Song

    Dude is mad! Very sweet. Mad Props!

  8. joecantello

    what the fuck!!! how do you get past the health and saftey guys on that one?

  9. DaFerg

    Must`ve been a fookin big run up, the way its written it sounds like he started on wednesday evening and then on thursday morning he finally accelerated up the ramp!

  10. Martidog

    All thats missin is the Martidog “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee” sound effect. Dirt am gona offer this service to you guys for your vids tell the Parkin bros they got me as well.

  11. Big_Tim

    He has Kahunas the size of the moon. Good work fella.
    Why exactly does he need a roost guard though?! Maybe he was worried some chav on a moped was going to wheelspin in front of the landing as he prepared for touch down!!

  12. raddog

    Idiot. He could have gotten himself killed doing that.

  13. billy

    I would have liked to see some sharks or tigers in the water, just for extra pizzzzaz

  14. ERNST

    holy shit..

  15. mojojojo

    i can do that whit my honda monkey

  16. TommyD

    Holy shit that is hugee

  17. Luke

    The guy is a Machine

  18. alitodd

    Idiot… there’s a perfectly good bridge right behind him 😀
    Seriously though, that is insane…

  19. Mariah Lacey



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