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Road gap over the Tour de France

Road gap over the Tour de France

Roman Marandet sends a jump high above one of the leading group of riders in the Tour de France!

You may remember Dave Watson’s attempt back in 2002, if you don’t here it is.

  1. jack

    Hmmm, the yearly road gap over TdF leading group… Bring on sth fresh please!

    1. Lawrenceonaht

      Glad to hear all your ideas on “sth fresh”, as well as your vast portfolio of rad gaps over international sporting events!

  2. Cambo

    A well earned beer and blonde for the lucky big balled muthahucka…..

    “Sth fresh”….. ..?? My arse…..

  3. Ben

    Yeah Jack, because huge road gaps over international sporting events are soooooo boring! Er, whats “sth fresh” anyway?

  4. Lc7ATblsZo

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  5. dirt dodger

    can’t beieve it took so long for somebody to pull it off again but :-) i am glad they did. The pressure of not fucking it up is undeniably huge, this isn’t a road gap – this is a road gap that will create monumental shit in the cycling world should you stuff it up and land in the pack and affect/injure a rider or on a french motorcycle policeman. great little vid as well – good choice of track – fair play all those involved for pulling it off….you must have been worried.. brilliant – i am not a fan of hucking but this was hucking well done :-)

  6. james

    Poor trees

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