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Rinderknecht and Buchanan qualify fastest in Mont Sainte Anne 4x

Rinderknecht and Buchanan qualify fastest in Mont Sainte Anne 4x

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Roger Rinderknecht and Caroline Buchanan qualified fastest in Mont Sainte Anne.

Jared Graves, Michal Prokop and Scott Beaumont all suffered punctures .

Current World Champ Caroline Buchanan went fastest in the womens, Anneke Beerten crashed. Fionn Griffiths right up there in second. Did Katy Curd puncture aswell? 15th spot.





  1. Richard park

    Heres hoping there can be some team riding in the girls with Fionn and Katy! :)

    Scotty B – looks like it may be a better heat for him than last weekend

  2. Mike Curd

    Katy Curd was running 1st or 2nd but lost it on the last but one jump after making it, crashed pretty hard but recovered and made it over the finish line. still looking good!!!

  3. Richard park

    I hope she is OK- I havent seen the course much- is there many jumps (and opportunities for Katy to impress with her jump skills!) the jumps always allow her to put a gap into the others :) She has some bottle and SKILL!!
    Best regards from Sunny Scotland!

  4. billy

    Cheers Mike, hope she’s all good for the finals!

  5. Mike Curd

    Cheers guys. She looks like she has a reasonable draw so. there is a big double near the bottom that the top girls are doing but K8 is looking smooth and did a final full practice run after her crash to get rid of the demons. also lashed it down last night so should have made the track better as it was well loose!

  6. Phil

    Damn, did Graves crash?
    But cool to see some other guys on the top…

  7. dan yeomans

    How did britain manage to pick a team that consists of nobody managing to qualify for the mens? go girls!!

  8. dan yeomans

    i take that back. ..and scott. good luck

  9. Richard park

    pHIL- Graves Punctured as did quite a few


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