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Rider I-Pods Steve Peat

11:15 23rd October 2009 by Billy Thackray

We ask Steve Peat what sort of music does a World Champion listen to?The answer at the moment is that Old Skool Peaty is listening to Old Skool indie.

Here is Peaty’s current top five tunes:

1/ The Wonder stuff, Size of a cow.

2/ Bridwell Taxis, Honesty.

3/ Northside, Shall we take a trip.

4/ The Farm, Groovy train.

5/ Stone Roses, Fools gold.

  1. paul

    What tunes! All show you age though Mr Peat. Love all ‘em all.

  2. James

    What tunes !

    Haven’t heard Groovy Train in years.

    Da Roses !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. torico

    Bridewell taxis – Honesty great tune , great live band- got the cd with them live at hudds – can hear my mate int background
    Northside – saw em 5 times – thought they were the bollox- probably werent

  4. Dan

    Stone Rosses wow, it’s been a long time…love it…now thats old school

  5. Dan

    you know when your old when…the 80′s ROCKED!

  6. Jenxy

    I knew it, Peaty is an old Indie head. Glad i’m not the only one, but one thing, where the hell is OASIS??!!! :-D

  7. Dirt HQ

    Aren’t they (Oasis) the wrong side of the Pennines for Peaty?

  8. Tepid

    Stone Roses??? C’mon Peaty you’re my hero. they’re just tragic.

  9. hairy

    northside front man just recently died too..

  10. hairy

    ignore my retardedness it was flowered up doh.

  11. torico

    how on earth are the stone roses tragic?
    possibly the best album ever created -go and listen to it again
    where the hell is oasis? fast forward a few years, this is the baggy madchester period not snoasis brit pop.


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