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Rider I-Pods Jared Graves

Rider I-Pods Jared Graves

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

2009 4x World Cup Champion and 4x World Champion Jared Graves answers the question: “What are your top five tunes of the moment?”

“Ahh thats a tough one, much more of a mass playlist kind of guy, but there probably is a few I might have favoured more than any others, at least over the last week…I’ll try to name 5…”

Chevelle – Letter from a Thief

Chevelle – An evening with El Diablo

Metric – Empty

Silversun Pickups – Future Foe Scenarios

Hilltop hoods – The light you Burned

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  1. billy

    Lovin the HillTop Hoods Gravy Boy

  2. Tommy Tit

    I’m liking this feature, keep them coming

  3. rhys

    loving the feature too, i want to know what bryceland is listening to, find out dirt teammmm

  4. MINT

    Sam hill’s please?

  5. Peter

    how about palmers ??


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