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Rider Down - Taylor Vernon


Rad ripper little Taylor Vernon took a tumble at Crankworx yesterday, he had to be airlifted from the mountain side because of the where he was on the hill, because the paramedics were struggling to reach him with the medical kits.

He was taken straight to Grenoble hospital where he had a full body scan, earlier today which revealed that he’s damaged three vertebrae in his back, (some rumours that the three vertebrae are broken) which will need to be operated on. We’ll keep you up to date with how Tay is doing.

Tweet From Atherton Racing

Untitled-1 copy

A Facebook update from Rach


From all of us here at Dirt we wish you a speedy recovery Tay! Take it easy buddy.

  1. enri

    people should wear effin’ back plates and neck braces…vertebrae are not something you joke with.

    1. Ben

      I’m pretty sure he was wearing a back protector.

      1. azdf

        he was defiantly wearing a back plate.

      2. enri

        if he really was then fair play to him, after seeing all the cardboard nonsense I had bad thoughts about that…

    2. Laurens

      Had the same first thought after the Val di Sole incident, but Taylor confirmed by twitter that he’s been wearing a back protector. Must have been a gnarly impact then. Healing vibes to the lad!

  2. fanboy

    Get well soon!

    Taylor crashed hard and screamed in agony about his back in VDS as well, I really hope he was not too cool for back protectors after that..

    I don’t really think it makes sense or is cool when the pro’s use cardboard back protectors in France. Those things really help you know..

  3. Raaaaalph

    Heal up soon!

  4. Simon s

    Get well soon dude , stay strong

  5. sven

    Tay was wearing full back and chest protector. Not all the French rules are dumb, and im glad he wore proper protection. I wish more would.

  6. dirt dodger

    get well soon Taylor ! come back strong man, all the best.

  7. Salad fingers

    Yes but spinal Injuries from direct compression to the top of the head can not be helped by the use of a spine protector or neck brace so these injuries will always occur in those situations.

  8. savdog

    there is a pic of dan brown rolling down the track with taylor,s bike & kit including a hard chest/spine protector … not that it was much use tho !!

  9. TwistBikes

    Hope you have a speedy Recovery Taylor!


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