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Remy Absalon wins 2011 Megavalanche/Results

Remy Absalon wins 2011 Megavalanche/Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Results just coming in from the 2011 Megavalanche: Remy Absalon wins Joe Barnes 10th!

Windham WC has dominated the news this week but the biggest Enduro race in the World, the Megavalanche took place this weekend at Alpe D Huez in France.

(UCI-please arrange your WC dates not to clash with the Mega next year!!!)

Just skimming through the results:

10th Joe Barnes
13th Alex Stock
17th Aiden Bishop
22nd Rowan Sorrell

More news when we get it.

Full Mega results at www.avalanchecup.com

The womens results aren’t posted yet but word is Anne Caroline Chausson took the win. Anka Martin was close behind in 2nd until a puncture cruelly put her out of contention.

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  1. Mat

    and Jimmy Carling 62nd.

  2. iain

    yeah jimmy!!!

  3. Daire

    Greg Callaghan getting 37th for the Irish! Well done young man!

  4. Jimmy Carling

    Haha. Feeling the love… Need to work on my fucking fitness! The level is so much higher than when I did it on 07! Clem Martin 58th with two crashes, both caused by reaching for a jambon/emmental baguette. Maxime Bruneau hucking his fondue to 73rd! Oui!
    Un truc de malade!

  5. maverickdh05

    All the big boys at the front, nice Remy.

  6. RHS

    AND Remy broke his wrist earlier this year! I love the battle at the top between Clementz and Absalon!

  7. CWilliams

    Ross lost one of his shoes during the start on the snow! found it put it back on and still finished 15th Respect to the man (and the beard ;0))

  8. CWilliams

    Felt sorry for Greg Callaghan, he was in my qually heat running in second and punctured half way down so ended up on row “G”

  9. Bikeactive

    The new Commencal Meta must have been working well for Absalon.

  10. Doug

    RHS, more to the point Lyndsey Carson broke her wrist in the qualifying and still raced to 17th in the womans race. Hard a nails in scotland!

  11. Brajal

    It was great , sad that was in the same weekend of the Windham WC so it was a world cup racers free event, I was there, had fun, but hoping that in next year the organizers do a better job with the schedule and access to the top timings. I lost the start as many others after 2 hours of waiting in the glacial cold, oh… yes I was on the stated schedule !

    beside that , it was great riding time!!!

  12. Mat

    Yeah Barnsey! Yeah Jimmy! Was Clem on his hardtail? Some boy!

  13. bacon

    re. Spoke magazine – Am I right in thinking the timings are done in hours:minutes:seconds… So the top four would be within the same minute, not same second?!

  14. fordy

    @bikeactive, absalons new meta has more than likely got a crack in it now!

  15. Jimmy Carling

    Nah Clem on an anodised black supreme DH. Max on his Demo 8 with a dropper post. Tres chique! (P.S. I aint no summer slacker – QT for life! Back next week to start snow riding in preparation for next year!)

  16. kevin

    good work jimmy 62nd after starting on line G is shit hot,the next best line G placing was 104th

  17. sulley

    YEEEEOOOO…, Well done Greg….,

  18. Jimmy Carling

    Thanks for the statistic Kevin, now just to fit my head through the front door!

  19. jonzo

    Popped my Mega cherry this year… what a race and infectious as hell!

  20. Chris

    Broke myself for the 2nd year in a row! gutted, spent 4 days in a French hospital having a plate put in my collar bone. The french nurses were very hot though, so that helped!


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