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Rémi Thirion and Rachel Atherton win UCI World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra

Rémi Thirion and Rachel Atherton win UCI World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra

Rémi Thirion has just won his first ever World Cup, beating Gee by 1.350 of a second. He has been the man to stop the Atherton domination. Nail biting excitement till the very end, Gee was fastest through split 1 and 2, everyone thought he had it in the bag until the final straight and Gee was the wrong side of the line come 4:13.666.

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1st – Rémi Thirion
2nd – Gee Atherton
3rd – Sam Hill
4th – Stevie Smith
5th – Troy Brosnan

Rachel Atherton managed to continue her current domination of the world cup series by taking the top spot once again.


1st – Rachel Atherton
2nd – Manon Carpenter
3rd – Myriam Nicole
4th – Emmeline Ragot
5th – Floriane Pugin

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  1. Leon

    Awesome racing man !

    So happy for Remi that was a dream run he had

  2. scouseman

    yes hill podium nice

  3. paul

    Any news on Cam Cole. Unlucky Peaty just outside top ten. Oh and boo hiss to redbull.tv for cutting the live feed early

    1. Hancock

      On the live feed they said he didn’t have any obvious/serious injuries and that he was getting choppered out as a precaution against head/neck injuries. They won’t let him out of hospital until they’re sure he hasn’t got a concussion, so probably nothing until tomorrow.

  4. Loki

    French rider riding for Andorran company – you think he knows the track a bit?!

    1. mitsos

      Yes. I bet he’ll not podium on any other races.

      1. Oz

        That would be a stupid bet to make. Comments like yours make me sad. Thirion has been having a great year and he was on it in Val Di Sole too. The times are so close that any of the top 15 riders are capable of a podium. A bit of local knowledge may have helped but lots of other riders including the Syndicate boys were out in Vallnord for the pre-test. You still have to have the skills to get down the hill. Simply put, it was his day, he totally deserved that win and nobody can take it away from him, especially negative talkers like you and Loki.

  5. Al

    Perfect lines, perfect suspension :)

  6. connor

    nice one remi and totally sick to see sam back on the podium 😀

  7. Gren

    You have got to take your hat off to Remi man that bottem section was on fire :).

  8. Luker

    Awesome race. Can’t help but miss Freecaster though. Not the same seeing only the top 30 men’s. Warner’s so tame on air now too.

  9. Bathgate

    Top three on aluminium bikes? Is that even relevant?

    1. dirt didger


  10. fereno

    cool race, big heroes!

    the only really serious thing to blame: safety concept for crashed riders.

    about 40 minutes to get one unlucky guy out of dirt? just imagine that two guys going down hard right after each other?

  11. Loki

    @Oz simply put he won because he knew the track the best and could nail the last section. My comment wasnt negative as you put it but fact, just like UK riders have advantage at Fort Bill

    1. Oz

      Do you honestly think Gee, Sam, Greg etc didn’t learn the track? Like Dirt Dodger said, Remi didn’t hold anything back, and for that he deserves the win. At this point in the season guys who are in with a chance of the overall take less risks, and that creates chances for the underdogs. Exciting stuff!

  12. dirt dodger

    @Loki it was 100% commitment from Remi that gave him the win and he freakin well deserved it – track knowledge at this level means jack shit or Minaar would have taken the win, look at the way the tracks evolve over a race week. Look at the stats for Ft Bill and other tracks, i think you will find that it is not often that natives have the best stats. Ft Bill is a prime example with male brits only winning 3 from the last 12 events there, like to bet its the same on every course as well.

    remi put in the work and let it go where others didn’t, he took the risk that gave the extra second and a bit… the kids a legend taking a win on that track.! :-)

  13. CriDavies

    Totally agree with Dirt Dodger. At this level track knowledge doesnt matter so much. All these guys are amazing riders but Remi just had that bit less to lose than some of the top guys so was willing to really hang it out and hit some crazily brave lines. i doubt he will win another world cup this season but hey the largest percentage of riders would be happy with one world cup win in their career.

    All I know is that I think its great that more riders are mixing it with the top boys. It can only be good for the sport so well done Remi!

  14. Loki

    Fair comment Dirt Dodger we’ll just see how his committment is on last sections of tracks he doesnt know as well – i wasnt really being critical just observation- its nice other riders to be in the mix. Pompon has not really hit her stride this season but a 3 from her was great. Just saying Commencal riders might know tge track well. And for tgat i dont care its just fortunate – its not like its held here every year! Just like Greg in PieterMBerg

  15. fordy

    not much talk about ‘flat pedal thunder’ or ‘flat pedals for medals’ post race, if flats/flat pedal riders cant be competitive on such a steep track then im struggling to think of a good argument for racing on them, great for pissing about on in the woods but for racing it just seems such a disadvantage.

    1. Steve

      Flat pedal riders in 3rd, 12th and 13th at the pinnacle of our sport wouldn’t lead me to believe they were a disadvantage…

      1. Oz

        Dunno, I’d come to the opposite conclusion. Over 75% of riders in the top 13 were on clips, on a steep, technical track.

  16. Guillaume

    @ Loki : This winter was incredible in France because of the snow. In the Pyrenees there were 3 to 5 meters of snow in April.
    the track is all new, and was likely to be tested in July.
    Rémi also rode the others world cups and national cups, so he didn’t have the time you believe to ride this track.

  17. Loki

    Thanks Guillaume – fair enough! Seemed a good idea ! I hope he picks up a few more podiums – good tp see Commencal back up there esp on BOS


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