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Regis - A bike film

Regis - A bike film

We don’t know about you lot, but we love this one. It’s certainly a bit different, and beautifully put together. You’ve also got a complete mix of riders such as Morgan Charre and Yoann Barelli taking on DH duties, circus rider Alice Alart, trials rider Léo Nobile, and flatland BMX’er Jeremy Brosset. As if that wasn’t enough of an eclectic mix, the name of this film comes from the main character, Regis, the role of which is played by the talented actress and clown Nathalie Masséglia. Enjoy…

  1. Textuality

    I don’t even…

  2. rod fountain

    Screw the riding: anything that opens with a 2CV gettin’ sideways gets my vote. Best car in the world: fact.

  3. LammaBoy

    Bikes and Elvis, what more do you need…

  4. Gaz

    Batsh!t mental! Watched it most of the way to the end then kind of lost patience. It’s certainly interesting


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