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Red Bull Rampage 2013: Roundup #3

Red Bull Rampage 2013: Roundup #3

Kelly McGarry - Action

Kelly McGarry dropping in with dark skies approaching.

Even though the rain came to the desert giving the riders a day off, it has left as fast as it arrived meaning practice has commenced under the blue sky of the Utah desert.

Graham Agassiz-Action

Graham Aggasiz sending the Red Bull kicker.

Here’s a round up of the videos that Red Bull have dropped from the first practice session. Mike Hopkins puts some demons to bed hitting the gap he built in 2012, he over did it last year missing most of the landing and ejecting at warp speed. Back at the same spot 12 months later this short video tells what happened this time round.

With practice at Rampage come nerves, fear and eventually some massive conkers as riders hit their lines for the first time. Looking at some of the ones that have been built this year it’s no wonder the medics were out a few times to tend to riders.

Red Bull Rampage will be aired LIVE on the Red Bull site here on Sunday at 8PM UK time.

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  1. Greg

    Am I being solid? Can’t see any video…

    1. Alex

      Same here Greg?

    2. David Jaquin

      Greg and Alex, had a problem with the player embedding. All up and running now. Cheers!

      1. Alex

        Thanks David!


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