Red Bull Desafio no Morro

Filip Polc wins this bonkers race through the slums of Rio De Janerio. Urban street races are nothing new but this one looks a little on the wild side.

1. Filip Polc
2: Markolf Berchtold
3: Dan Atherton

Phil Young is there with Rob Warner doing a show for Channel 4 said:
“You have know idea how off the hook it is. 3000 stray dogs in the Favela, bullet holes all over the shop, raw sewage on the course and 100 armed police for security – unreal.”

I’ll have a scratch around for some videos, in the meantime here is a helmet cam from the RootRider people.

Helmet Cam

Here’s a classic from a South American TV station, introduced by my old woodwork teacher… “scorchio”

Super short video