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Rat Attack: Ratboy and the new alloy Santa Cruz Blur TR


Watch as Josh Bryceland tears up the Californian dirt on the new aluminium Santa Cruz Blur TR.

Such amazing riding and a super slick edit make for a real ‘want one’ feeling.

Be warned!

The all new aluminum Santa Cruz Blur TR delivers all the same aggressive ride features of the beloved carbon TRc, in a more economical package.

With 125mm of VPP suspension, relaxed angles, massive frame stiffness throughout and a 5 year warranty… the TR is begging to be thrashed and whipped harder than an FIA president.

For more details, go to santacruzbicycles.com/blurtr

  1. jbsauce

    killing it

  2. Eoin

    Unreal, where do can I buy skills like that?

    1. Poo

      its DLC, if you go on the ps3 store you shud find it on there, took me a while but it well worth the effort

  3. Hancock

    My goodness, how did ratboy come by the monicker? Ratboy’s amazing skills aside, want one of those very much. Can’t afford a trc, but this one…

  4. Big Dawg

    One of the funnest edits I’ve ever seen. It’s what most of them should be like…

    1. Big Dawg

      *Should say ‘most fun’ not ‘funnest’*

      1. Eoin

        I’ve thrown money at the screen and mashed my credit card into the usb ports but still can do any of the shit in that video!!! Help please, I need to to do hucks into space and get my 2 wheel drift on!

  5. Pager

    Now thats some good riding! Go on Josh lad:)

  6. Tinks

    I’d sell my mum to be able to ride like that! That was epic

  7. Andy Barlow

    The TRc we use at Dirt School is without a doubt the best bike I’ve ever ridden, and this aluminium version just means that more people will get to enjoy it. Win!

    1. Brooks Larson

      Agree. TRc rules buffed out Oakridge, Oregon trails. But anyone wanting to ride like this needs to upgrade. SC spec includes the Fox 32 on both versions . Bryceland is running the 34 on this one (cue @ 47 sec.)
      Tell SC to offer the 34 with their AM spec for those who truly aspire.

  8. Treehuggergraeme

    Right 29ers can do one, this is the bike for me

  9. Jon Gregory

    That just made my day. Mad fun skills that just make me want to ride. Nice one Hamilton/Bryceland/Santa Cruz!

    1. Nick Hamilton

      Thankyou Jon, I feel I deserve massive praise in this case…. I worked very very hard.

  10. james

    all i need is that bike and i can ride like that

  11. Ham

    cool riding, excellent skills

  12. rod fountain

    Didn’t anyone tell him the 125mm 26″ bike was rubbish now that the 120mm 29er exists? He should re-film it once he knows and see how bad he suddenly gets.

  13. Simon s

    Fuckin awesome !

  14. Matt


    bad, meaning good.

  15. James


  16. Sossidge

    I’d sell my mum just for the chance to ride dry dusty trails on my own tredder….


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