Rachel Atherton: Jokes and The GentleWoman

Rachel Atherton sent me a funny joke and news about a new magazine article. Although with a joke like that I wouldn’t have thought they’d let her in GentleWoman magazine. Anyway this could be the start of a new feature, “World Cup riders favourite jokes”

Here’s what Rachel told us:

I went to see this hynotist last night on stage, he hypnotised about 7 of the guys in the front row, then he went and dropped his microphone on his foot and shouted out “fuck me” ….what happened next will haunt me forever!

Anyway…I did this shoot for a magazine called The Gentlewomen in America, it’s the first issue out now and it’s the sister mag of ” Fantastic Man” I thought it’s pretty cool to get biking into a high end mag like this, although there’s no bikes to be seen and it’s only one page!

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