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Quick Peek: 2013 Team CRC/Nukeproof Pulse

Quick Peek: 2013 Team CRC/Nukeproof Pulse

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Here’s a look at Team CRC/Nukeproof’s Pulse, the bike on which Australian speed machine Sam Hill and UK riders Matt Simmonds and Joe Smith hope to pilot to the top of the downhill World Cup podium in 2013.

Built around the new Nukeproof Pulse downhill frame, the bike uses RockShox Boxxer World Cup forks, a RockShox Vivid RC2 rear shock, SRAM X0 shifting, E*thirteen chain guide, Mavic Deemax Ultimate wheels rolling on Schwalbe tyres, Avid Code brakes and Nukeproof components for seatpost, saddle, handlebar, stem, headset and grips.

Sam Hill’s race bike will be equipped with BlackBox components for the races.

If Sam’s results at the Australian National races so far this year are anything to go by, we’re in for an awesome season as he’s already guided his Pulse to three podium finishes, including two wins.

Team Manager Nigel Page said:

“We are delighted with how the team’s Nukeproof Pulse race bikes have turned out. Everyone involved has done an incredible job to make our bikes look amazing and ready to win races! From the custom team paint job and matching RockShox decals the bikes are full factory!

“Sam has been flying in the Aussie races and Matt and Joe have been training hard for the upcoming season. I can’t wait for the first World Cup round at Fort William in June. Drop by our pits for a close up of the bikes and grab a signature from the team riders.”

  1. mr commencal

    tyres? Schwalbe first ride? ….??

    1. Andrew Cunningham

      Look sorta half Dan half Mary don’t they. Schwalbe Hillbilly?

  2. Down n Dirty

    Bit of a beast

  3. sharpy182

    Is sam still on Blackbox??

    1. ADHD

      Read the article properly before racing down to the comments section and leaving a dumb comment!

      1. sharpy182

        So sorry!

      2. ric

        dont hurt us ADHD

      3. ADHD


  4. Leon

    Any news on availability of those tyres ?

  5. Gor

    why do they use the G2 disks and not HS1 or G3?

    1. Maya Rider

      was wondering that myself, along with the fact they not sporting the new 2013 shock. Maybe it’s all they had in the spares box just to finish the photo shoot. Real stuff’s still en route..?

  6. Hancock

    Oh that’s a pretty bike

  7. ADHD

    I wouldn’t say it’s pretty. It looks like a Trek. Oh dear I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.

    1. sharpy182

      ‘Looks like a trek!’… now who’s making the dumb comments!

      1. ADHD

        Hahaha! I put my hands up to that one! Have you seen on pinkbike everyone has just started using it now, ‘looks like a trek session’! They are loving it too! How 2011. Hahaha!

  8. Sossidge

    ADHD ….. .? Troll..

    1. ADHD

      Nope, thanks for asking though, ‘sossidge’. What’s your excuse?

      1. ric

        What a muppet you are ADHD

  9. WCmechanic

    ‘First Ride’ are prototype tyres that the team have riding since the end of last season. You can’t buy them, but they are superb and super soft/tacky.

  10. ADHD

    Ok ric.

  11. Sulley

    Jaysas, ADHD.., you got some rise outta them boyo’s just for having a bit o craic….
    The bike is some weapon… :)

  12. sicmoto

    I agree ADHD, definitely has that Session look about it.

  13. dirt dodger

    So if the rumours are true i will be seeing this @ Bringewood this weekend as Mr Hill is there racing with us @ the Pearce RD1. that is some cool ass shit right there if so :-) :-) :-)

  14. Jon P

    I hope it’s a carbon frame for the CRC team or it’ll be a really heavy bike?!??


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