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Questions for Cam McCaul

Questions for Cam McCaul

Dave, one of the guys from Mpora, is off to see the Nitro Circus show tonight (lucky bastard) and he’s arranged to do an interview with Cam McCaul who’s doing part of the show. He’s already got a load of questions to ask him but we thought it would be good to get a few from you lot. So, what do you want to ask him?

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  1. paddy

    would you rather have a fight with lots of duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

  2. Matt

    what’s the strangest thing a fan has asked you to sign? if it’s nothing weird, make up one about your brother and lets see if it can go viral…

  3. Henry

    What’s better: tea or coffee?

  4. Ed

    Good, keep them coming…

  5. paulhaysom

    Do you agree with your 7th place at rampage this year?

  6. Mark

    how far can you skid?

  7. Jordan Noverraz

    what’s your plan after mountain biking ?

    1. Hancock

      I second this question! When he’s not at the top of the free ride game anymore, what next?

  8. Big_Tim

    What is your porn star name? (First pet name and mothers maiden name?)

  9. Big_Tim

    In chav voice… “Oi mate… how many gears has your bike got?” Then up it significantly to tell him how many your bike has whilst chuckling.

  10. dughead123

    beans on a fryup. yes or no

  11. hughzy

    what computer game do you play the most?
    and can we hear any of the music you make?

  12. Dirtmonsta

    How do you prepare mentally for an event like rampage?

    Does riding terrain like that ever start to feel comfortable?

    Where do you think rampage style big mountain riding will go? Riders always push boundaries – in your opinion what’s next.

  13. Slimfordy

    How far could you throw your full face lid

  14. skrol

    How that it feels when you are floating over a canyon like rampage this year?? what do you think at that point?? you must be one of the men on earth that spend more time in air… 😉

  15. hyfort

    So, jumped a river and a canyon, whats next?

  16. chris-m

    Do you think MTB technology is at its pinnacle at the moment for the riding you do, or are there areas in which you think manufacturers need to consider (and improve upon) when designing bikes for the Rampage, Slope style, etc?
    Any special parts on your bikes, i.e., prototypes that we can be told about or hinted to?
    Are you finding it more difficult to come up with unique tricks for comps? (His dump 360’s, for example)
    If you had the ability to absorb someone’s abilities, who’s would you take and what ability would you absorb? (X-men style)

  17. Ronin

    Guitars – Pauls or Strats, Martins or Taylors?

  18. Lurchh

    strawberry or raspberry jam?

  19. Andrew

    Whose riding do you most admire, and why?

  20. Andrew

    Do you think that you could be competitive on the world cup downhill circuit, and how similar a skillset do you think the two disciplines require?


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