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New Pumptrack, Morgins, Switzerland

New Pumptrack, Morgins, Switzerland

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Trail builder and Champery resident Ben Walker never stops digging! He’s just finished an amazing looking pumptrack in Morgins, Switzerland.

Here’s what Ben told us:

“I just finished building a pumptrack for free beer all summer! There was a lack of budget so we worked out a trade.

Joel and Will, my best diggers, riding buddies and close friends also donated their time to the cause and now we have a super fun pump/jump track at the bottom of our trails in Morgins, Switzerland. The local government shut us down on the last day so there are a couple details to iron out but overall, I am very happy.

The pumptrack is in front of a bar called M3S and Rolf and Ernest are to thank for getting this project up and running. Anyone up for BBQ, beers and pumptrackin’ after a day up on the trails?”

  1. audric

    congratulations buddies!! joel, Ben you’re awesome!!!
    see ya in whistler buddies

    scooter man !!

  2. Neil

    Sweet! We saw a big pile of earth there last week when we drove through on our way to go riding in Biel/Bienne. Looks like you got it done pretty quick. Will have to check it out this summer.

  3. Smurf_it

    Ok, so you built a bmx track… I see something in the background though…. oh yes – mountains. For mountain bikes.

  4. Cord

    Smurfy, so after you’ve ridden your mountain bike in the mountains all day, you can now ride your bmx round the bmx track of an evening, Simples.

  5. Ben Walker

    Smurfy, come check out our trails accessed by the lift 40 meters from the pumptrack. I think they’ll be plenty “mountain” enough for you. Here is a little taste, http://dirt.mpora.com/news/dirttv-finally-2-part-3.html

  6. tom

    pourquoi il ne serai pas fait alors qui son deja comencé

  7. zac

    pourquoi ne pas le fair alors qu il on deja passe beaucoup de temps dessus

  8. Ben Walker

    ça va le faire mais il faut juste attendre un peut pour les bonne papiers de sucurité.

  9. Guy

    Good work Ben :) Puts the one at the bottom of Pre la Joux to shame somewhat!

  10. Tom Gethin

    Ben – Yeomans will love that on his new Scott 4x bike! Looks awesome mate!

  11. Ben Walker

    Thanks guys. Gethin, when are you coming back?

  12. JAVI


  13. Tim

    Ben, has anyone roosted that Porsche yet!?

  14. Sam

    Morgins has arguably the most fun DH trails in the Ports Du Soleil. A rad pump track added to the mix just makes the place even sweeter!


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