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Pumptrack: Mendrisio, Switzerland

14:19 31st July 2011 by Billy Thackray

Wowzers! You’ve got to check out this Pumptrack in Mendrisio, Swizterland!

Scott 11 honcho and track builder Claudio Caluori just beamed over photos of his latest pumptrack in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

This isn’t a pumptrack this is a work of art! How many lines?!

Here’s what Claudio told us:

“Coming home from Windham, we (me and the velosolutions.ch crew) started working on this new pumptrack on the day our flight arrived.

It’s in Mendrisio, Switzerland at the Italian border, right in front of a high school.

We finished it yesterday just in time before leaving to La Bresse.

We rode it right after finishing it, and it’s tons of fun, even though we couldn’t even try out all the combinations of lines yet.”

Check out Claudio’s other pumptrack track in Italy

  1. Thibo

    Is this a concrete track?
    That’s look pretty sweet !!

  2. Dominic

    Fancy coming to make one in Edinburgh come the end of the season? Could do with something like that!

  3. George j

    awesome, think cheltenham needs one of these!!

  4. billy

    Nah, Monmouth needs one first…come on Claudio get a move on!

  5. Rob

    i think everywhere needs one of these!

  6. boris the blacksmith

    I DEMAND A VIDEO!!!!11

  7. Claudio Caluori

    Hey all, YES, every town needs one, that’s our goal! If there’s a soccer field, there must be a pump track as well.
    My partners have just built one in Luxembourg, so why not go to the UK? (although I think you have plenty of good shapers who are able to build awesome stuff. If you can’t find them, get in touch with me!)
    Boris: video is coming as soon as the racing season is over. We have a few important races coming up ;-)
    Cheers to everybody!

  8. Anoobis

    George j, I’ve been meaning to build one in my garden for the last year or so… any ideas where one could be made. maybe we should get some plans together.

  9. sulley

    Man…, thats a work of art….!! :)

  10. jose

    what kind of soil did you use? I really want to know

    excellent work!

  11. Claudio Caluori

    We used concrete. I know, many of you think that this sucks, but there are a few strong reasons for it:
    - If a town wants a pumptrack, but not the maintenance, concrete is the easiest solution. There are other solutions with binding agents, but these guys wanted the concrete.
    - If there are no local shapers who could do constant reshaping, concrete is the best solution.
    - If you’re in a country with loads of rain that wouldn’t allow riding a clay track during 8 months of the year, concrete allows you to ride it all year long.
    - You can ride concrete in any weather (maybe except for snow)
    - You can ride a concrete pumptrack even with skateboards
    - concrete rolls superfast and – if worked right – has incredible grip
    - Yes, you should wear a helmet and knee pads, because concrete is quite hard. (but shouldn’t you wear that anyways?)

  12. dirt dodger

    why can’t English councils get their shit together and allow this sort of thing to happen here? It kills me man it really does. My council in Lichfield just spent £4million on landscaping our park, beautiful as it is they abandoned plans for a skate and bmx park because of the moaning upper class morons that say it would attract youngsters (DUH) and unsociable behaviour – fuck it let’s just not give the kids a chance eh! I’m 35 now and history just repeats itself over and over when people complain about shit that could happen if something productive was provided and then moan when it’s not and towns are over-run with people boozing on a weekend because there is nowt else to do….IS IT JUST ME OR DOES SOMETHING NEED TO CHANGE!!!!!!

  13. dirt dodger

    Props to Switzerland I say.

  14. JJ

    I look at these pictures and I am at ease, there is still love in the world! I want that

  15. petelipete

    great job claudio!

  16. Jon@dirtmag

    Love it. Fun fun fun? My next euro trip needs to include a trip to Mendrisio methinks.

  17. Jon@dirtmag

    ?…what the ?…. ! more like

  18. pirata

    claudio 4 pumptrack president in europa, algarve/portugal need urgent some near nice beaches

  19. slam hill

    break your bones not for me

  20. Butch


  21. Alex H

    Cheltenham folks: I have the space and plans to build a pump track, all we need is some arm power over the winter. Ok it will only be a dirt track but thats better than nothing. I have made a disscussion on the Cheltenham Trails page on Facebook to get everybody together. See you there

  22. justaguy

    if this was not concrete the high school kids would destroy it in about 2 days!!

  23. Djmak

    Sweet. How come the concrete looks a sandy type colour? And im wondering do u have to put expansion joints in around the track to allow movement and prevent cracking? Good job.


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