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PMB World Cup Start Lists

PMB World Cup Start Lists

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The first World Cup final of the year kicks off today in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Here’s the complete list of runners and riders.

And remember you can watch the race LIVE right here on Dirt. The show kicks off at 12:15 GMT.

We’re still not too sure of the complete format of the show, but Rob Warner explains what he knows here.

But it sounds like just the top 30 men and a recorded women’s race. (You can watch the UCI live timing feed here to follow the women.)

Click list to go big.

PMB Weather

Fingers crossed, weather looking good for the PMB Finals.

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  1. nub

    Pfffft…So it’s not a live feed, it’s semi-recorded-only-1/3-of-the riders-enjoy-what-you-got kinda thing…:(
    Well, I guess better that than nothing…
    F***g rockyroads… 😛

  2. Craig B

    Effing debacle IMHO!

  3. Pumptrack Tim

    Im 100% sure its got f*ck all to do with Rocky Roads, nub! Even Warner suggests its better to have focused commentry and coverage of the top riders rather than rambling for 60 riders while he saves the chat for the top 20. This kind of coverage is pretty common in sport, get over it. If this makes the sport more accessable to new comers (and outsider sponsorship) then its a welcome change in my opinion.

  4. JT

    I suppose chiiling the fuk out and waiting to see what RedBull have to offer would be too much for you muppets? I suppose your comments certainly hold water since RebBull have done such a shyte job of their previous media projects!

  5. Scrizly

    Judging by the quality of the XC coverage yesterday I’m thinking the DH is going to be even better than what Freecaster was able to provide last year. Bring it on!!

  6. baker

    So its 12.15 UK time ?

  7. Nath

    Tune in for all the live action of the women’s and men’s downhill competition at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2012 stop in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Sunday, March 18, 12:15 pm GMT, on Red Bull TV…

    Hopefully there will be away to watch them all as I want to see a local rider Rich Thomas’s run.

  8. flowrideisgood

    Fischbach 16th! Graves 9th! DH needs more 4X riders like the Bloody french Derbier who’s a proper DH smasher or maybe Da Boost Wichman? Great to see some new guys up there.

  9. Adrian
  10. Craig B

    I was referring to the lack of planned reply. Living in Oz does not time well with the webcasts. If I were any more relaxed, I’d be a rug.


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