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PMB World Champs - Feed and start times

PMB World Champs - Feed and start times

To help save confusion of what time the race starts, here is the current time in Pietermaritzburg.

Tomorrow sees the World Champs at Pietermaritzburg, and after the timed session today it’s looking like it could be a track for smaller travelled big wheeled bikes, you can see the men’s results here, and the women’s here.

Click the image to go to the live feed.
Click the image to go to the live feed.

The World Champs feed will be kicking off over on Redbull tv at 1pm UK time. If you want to keep ahead of the game and watch the live timing which will happen slightly before the feed, which you can check out here.

Here’s the men’s start times.

And here’s the women’s.

  1. Adrian

    That means the race starts 2pm local time in Pietermaritzburg

  2. Leon

    Please no idiots posting the times from the live timing in the live feed video or I throw my toys out of the pram

  3. TimBud

    Redbull must have had loads of viewer because that was the glitchiest coverage all year… lost connection more than 10 times.

    Great race though

  4. skud

    no probs with the stream for me but they just cut it off half way through the presentations! idiots.


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