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Pimp The Dirt Van

Pimp The Dirt Van

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

It’s getting on a bit, body work has seen better days, chassis is warped, joints are loose, leaky sump, makes funny noises, smokes a bit and only does ten to the gallon, but enough about me let’s talk about the Dirt van.
Actually Old Red, the Dirt Van, is showing it’s age too and I fear she is not long for this earth or MOT station.

With that in mind I thought you lot could use your MS paint skills and give her an overhaul so she can go out on a high. I’ll post them all up in a gallery and the best one will win the van or a sticker, which ever one I can get in an envelope, it’s probably going to be a sticker.

Here’s your blank canvas.

Something like this maybe?

Email your works of art to Billy


Tom Schreurs

Barry Lunden/Welp Winston

Paul Crowley

Sam Taters.

Eddie Pugh: Here is my take on how the dirt van should look! Rat look maybe?

Jason Taylor reckons: “What with the Dirt van being so sought after by the ladies, I thought Megan Fox from the Transformers movie might like to give it a ‘go’. After all, young ladies do like a dirty old van!”

Joe Watts and Peaty and Minnaar (with a rope todger?) and some beer!

Simone says: “Let her rest in peace!”

Sean “Prawn” Tracy. Back to the Dirty Future.

Peter Ballin. The final frontier for dirt :)

Andreas Bichler. Dirt Wars.

Žiga Krajnc from Slovenia with a Retro Van.

Tom Bentley with a lowrider.

Keith Doran. “A bit of Duck tape and your sorted!!!”

Yannick Garric: Well being in South of France should be an all year round sunshine with infinite options for riding…So when we have more than 2 days of grey and rainy weather our mind start to get a bit…well you know…

Douglas Johnstonbaugh. Got to be in the running for the sticker prize with this effort I reckon.

Conrad Taylor. Set her to sea like the Vikings did with their dead!

Douglas Johnstonbaugh. The future Dirt van?

Philipp Brüschke. DirtTV…an. Geddit?!

Julian Proudfoot reckons the best way to finish off Big Red is: “Nuke the van from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure…or, if my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour…you’re gonna see some serious shit…”

Paul Haysom with a double ender!

Nick Wood. Bikes, beers, babes, flames and some road kill, nice!

Matt Aldridge. Lowrider.

  1. billy

    Oh, sorry for making the background impossibly difficult, not the easiest for cutting and sticking!

  2. Nick Hamilton

    It should be more along these lines I reckon.


    1. Rod Fountain

      EVERYTHING about that picture is good.

    2. billy

      Holy Rainbow Hearse! And just look at those shoes! That photo is dripping with steeze.

  3. Rod Fountain

    This is without any doubt my favourite vehicle ever. to see Grant Robinson fix the gear linkage in a remote town at the foot of the French Alps at the crack of dawn to get us to the Masters World Champs was both terrifying and inspirational. Jon the Designer lit his first fart in there too, whilst Grant was filling up with fuel. Lousy timing Jono, but funny none-the-less. Love, love, love that old bus.

  4. billy

    Rod, make an offer and she’s yours!

  5. Chris

    You need to advertise this n the VW T4 forum. It would certainly sell, or you could give it away.
    People are fanatical about VW’s

  6. greg

    the giraffe in douglas´effort is absolutely brilliant!

  7. andy

    go pedro!

  8. NeilB

    Rod, was that really Jon(the designer)’s first fart, crikey it must have been a big un. My first was before even I got in the pram.

  9. SX 2

    Who won?


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