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Pietermaritzburg World Cup Bikes and Riders

15:00 28th April 2011 by Billy Thackray

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa for World Cup round 1 was the first chance to see all the 2011 downhill teams, bikes, riders and kit.

Update: Just incase you missed it here is the bikes and riders gallery from PMB. I’ll either update this or start a new one at World Cup round 2 in Fort William.

This is your chance to take a gander at who’s running what setup. There are a few air shocks out there, a couple of tubeless set ups, Gracia is running a seat dropper…what other trick bits can you spot?

Check out this gallery of all the runners and riders in their natural habitat, the race site.

  1. whinger

    can’t decide if the kona, the rocky mountain, or josh’s haircut made me feel most sick.

  2. billy

    Josh’s mullet is a work in progress…keep checking back!

  3. Joe

    Lots of Vivid Air’s on the go… And seems Bren and Josh haven’t got clips on like they were threatening…

  4. Jack

    Getting absolutely now revison done with all this WC banter i’m far to excited now

  5. james

    cedric running an adjustable seat post hahahahhahahahahahahahaha

  6. Duncan

    not a single flat bar in sight!

  7. griehwln r3oqw;

    is yellow the in colour this year?

  8. tom

    i was temporarily blinded by hill and his bike

  9. Tom

    is gee man wearing a troy lee D3?

  10. Shifty

    Barel is back to normal chainring. Hope he does well this year…

  11. PerryDH

    Manonc’s Bike is lush……its not like I have one or anything… :P

  12. el capitan

    Do I spy Renthal lock-ons on Brendog’s bike?

  13. Leon

    Cedric is also sporting a front fender that is stolen from the paper boys bike and Jared Graves is Racing DH?

  14. sickdog

    looks like gee,s rear tyre is cut down ??

  15. macybrok

    men looking at men posing with bikes, something not sitting right, surely the internet wasn’t designed for such things….

  16. ronin

    josh should have sam’s kit on and just send that whole 80s wedding singer steez thing down the track!

  17. sickdog

    cedric hasnt got a “fender” on his bike !!

  18. BT

    looks like a d3 to me for sure

  19. Chris

    i dont know if it is a D3. if you look at brendogs it looks different to his D3

  20. sam

    lots of 5-10 spd shoes


    lots of very small 6/7 speed gears?


    what chain device is peaty running?

  23. Steve

    surprised the Evil MS racing team aren’t using carbon revolts?

  24. Daniel

    It does look like Gee is wearing a D3, it’s def not the 661 evolution he was wearing at BDS Rd2.

  25. Jon P

    Graves, Gracia & Barel FTW!!!

  26. luiz carlos

    Dirt…thank you

    Wonderfull idea…

  27. Carlos

    Yep Gee’s wearing a TLD D3. Jared Grave’s lid’s the same; last year him and the whole Yeti team had 661 Evo carbon’s.

  28. Jake

    whats heppened to the black box forks Hill and peat etc. were running last year?

  29. Steve

    Has anyone noticed that Brendan is running an Air shock while Sam is still running a Vivid Coil?

  30. billy

    John C of Sram says that some riders prefer the feel of coil and some like the air…personal preference.

  31. simon

    I love it….. best time of the year now,world cup starting up for a fresh new year dusty trails and i’m out on the downhill bike all weekend…. Happy Days !

  32. droppin-neutron

    I like the look of Suemasa’s Yellow old style V10 – I mean Intense M9 – and how fat is the downtube on Moseley’s Trek?

    The new V10 looks amazing shame they are all black though. The guys on the Evil bikes all look to be having the most fun with it

  33. PH

    Greg looking podgy, Brook MacDonald with a sad pose and no Myriam Nicole :(

  34. billy

    @PH Kept missing Myriam! Will try again tomorrow for you!

  35. PH

    Cheers Billy! Keep up the fantastic work!

  36. nub

    oh mate! That was an absolutely brilliant idea! Will make it tons easier to see who’s who come sunday. Thanks! :)
    Oh, and also, any word about the Kovariks, why they’re not there, or what team are they on for 2011?
    And how’s Brendog, any news?
    And where’s Win Masters??? Has he got a ride for this season?
    And last one: perhaps you’ve heard, is there a chance for Freecaster streaming to become better for the race day? I’m sure they’re working on that. 4X was like back to radio days, and then it cut off completely…
    Cheers! And have fun out there :)

  37. billy

    @nub Have a look on the Dirt Facebook page for news of Brendan, Wyn Masters(Evil) is recovering from his broken arm, Kovariks had a non World Cup Intense deal going didn’t they?
    Internet is terribly slow out here, but hopefully will be all good for the Freecaster live feed tomoz.

  38. nub

    Thanks Billy!
    Is this the best coverage or what!! :)

  39. Westie

    No black DLC stanchions anymore? Why do I see all these steel springs instead of ti ones on a track where bike weight should be kept to a minimum? Interesting front fender on Barels bike too.

  40. AmplusTarenBrasil

    Ben-Cathro Orange is super sick IMO.

  41. greg

    an carbon revolt does not excist. It is called the Undead and the frame has a few differences other than the material though suspension curves and geo is the same.
    why are two evil riders on shimano brakes when it says formula on their shirts?
    are really nobody racing the new DHR?

  42. WAKi

    How are these guys able to ride with such high seats, I wish I had a slight bit of these skillz… Hill’s like a proper alternative rock star, looking away on the pic :D

  43. Pedro

    I see a lot of the Rock Shox boys with the Vivid Air but I didn’t see a single DHX air on the Fox boys…


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