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First peek: Stanton Slackline 853

First peek: Stanton Slackline 853

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dan Stanton, the man behind Stanton Bikes popped into Dirt HQ the other day to show us the Stanton Slackline 853 hardtail.

The Slackline is billed as a All Mountain bike with a strong hint of 4x/dual slalom so you could call it a perfect all rounder. Low BB (12.4), short back end (415mm) and slack head angle make this a super fun bike to ride.

I had a spin round the local woods on her and it brought back the happy, heady carefree days when all I used to ride was bikes with no bounce at the back, my bones aren’t what they used to be so we’ll be handing this beauty over to someone who can get the most out of her.

£400 quid for the 853 frame only or £2,250 for the full XT build like we have here.

Keep your eyes peeled for a test in the mag soon.

Checkout www.StantonBikes.com for more info.

Stanton slackline

Photo:Ben Winder

The main man, Dan Stanton


Head angle 68 degrees
Seat angle 72 degrees
Seat tube length 16.5” and 18”
Top tube 22” on the 16.5” frame and 23 on the 18” frame
Chain stay length 16.3”
Bottom bracket height 12.4”


Double butted, seamless, air hardening, heat treated Reynolds 853 main tubes
Cold worked Reynolds 525 seat and chain stays
Generic replaceable mech hanger
Custom lazer cut 7mm thick dropouts
I.S.C.G 05 mounts
Gusseted down tube
73mm bottom bracket shell
Pewter head badge
Under lacquer graphics
Stove enamelled paint

Checkout www.StantonBikes.com for more info.

  1. stooky

    Ooooohhh yeah!!!

    Pewter head badge taking bike bling to a new leave there!

  2. Anoobis

    Am saving up for a Cotic Soul, wondering how much the frame of this beauty weighs? Probably a bit more but does it give more fun in return?

  3. raddog

    I’d say a fairer comparison would be the Cotic Bfe. Damn nice looking hardtail either way!

  4. Nick

    The 16.5″ frame weighs 5.6lbs.

  5. Tom

    Well nicer than a Bfe!! Lighter as well! my mate has Just got one, the finish is wicked and it rides awesome!! Thats it… I’m getting one!

  6. Morgan

    Shotgun a go!

  7. dughead123

    nice. bit pants that they don’t do a 15″ tho

  8. phlat albert

    wish i was younger or atleast have better bone density to give that a proper run.

  9. Loonie

    Nothing special here – have to wait for rider review if it is gonna be amazing. Buy yourself an OnOne for a bit of long travel hardtail action. Same build you’d probably pocket a grand!

  10. Josh

    Rode like an absolute beaut when I rode it on the Monday night ride!

  11. DIRT HQ

    Sometimes you just get on a bike and it feels right. This is one of those bikes.

  12. mat

    got mine sitting in a box waiting to be built up, can’t wait!

  13. dirk pumpa

    i like that more than my ht :(

    can i have it dirt? pweeeeease!? x

  14. gee

    That’s lovely. I bought a Soul a few weeks ago, having a few pangs looking at that though.

  15. Loonie

    … sorry should have predicted the negs, forgot about the Dirt bike-brand snobs who ride something about as technical as Llandegla every weekend but need a 2 1/2 grand hardtail coz its boutique.


  16. Anoobis

    poor loonie :( no friends to play with :(. Points on your 1st comment – true you could save bout £700 but with lower spec parts. and with a careful 2nd hand search you could build the stanton up cheaper than an on-one. I’ve had an on-one 456 and the only thing putting me off buying another is the steel. I want a decent reynolds frame rather than relatively cheaper stuff. also god damn just look at the stanton, i don’t know exactly what it is but it does have the x-factor in terms of aethetics. like a blender but better graphics…

  17. raddog

    400notes for the frameset is on par with other frames that use 853 tubing.

  18. VonDH

    Thats one sexy frame

  19. joecantello

    Selling my mini DH bike to get one of these. Been waiting for years for the perfect steel hardtail and now its here. Just got to wait 3 months till i get back to the UK.


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