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From the Inside Out-Official Trailer

From the Inside Out-Official Trailer

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The world premiere of From the Inside Out will take place on October 27th in Whistler BC and available to buy on December 1st.

We’ve had teaser-trailers, trailer-teasers and teezy-weezy-trailer-wailers of From The Inside Out, but now we have the Official Trailer from the Anthill Films and the Coastal Crew company SecondBase.

This British Columbia films looks like it’s gonna be a goody!

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From the Inside Out – Coming December 1st

Earlier this morning we released the official trailer for From The Inside Out – the premiere film from SecondBase, a joint production company owned by Anthill Films and the Coastal Crew.

From the Inside Out will be available December 1st, 2011 in a special edition DVD+BluRay combo pack and on over twenty iTunes stores world-wide. The world premiere will take place October 27th in Whistler BC and currently over forty premiere tour events are currently scheduled to take place before December 1st.

Written, directed and edit by the Coastal Crew and produced by Anthill Films, From the Inside Out was filmed entirely in British Columbia, the birthplace of freeride, and features some of the sport’s best riders, including: Brandon Semenuk, Steve Smith, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, Graham Agassiz, Mike Hopkins, Kenny Smith & The Coastal Crew.

This is a film by riders, for riders. As the Coastal Crew puts it: “Many past films, riders, and locations have inspired us. Some of those locations are now our backyards, and some of those riders are now our friends. From the Inside Out is our adventure to the places we’ve always wanted to ride, and our expression of the lines and styles that have influenced us. This is freeride mountain biking. This film is from us – the riders.”

Fans can support the filmmakers direct by pre-ordering the DVD+BluRay combo pack now.

Visit www.secondbasefilms.com to find out more and to view current premiere tour dates.

From the Inside Out is made possible by Mountain Biking BC, Rock Shox, Sombrio, Evoc, Chromag, Pink Bike and SCOTT Sports. Additional support for the film is provided by Contour, Trek, Specialized and Devinci.

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  2. Tom

    People who work in the meeja innit.

  3. Gert B. Frobe

    amazing trailer looking forward to seeing this one

  4. Tom

    You call that a trailer?…this is a trailer

  5. VonDH

    Looks good . i bet he was well pissed when he missed that train connection home.

  6. Canuck

    This looks sweet. Gotta love the Anthill Mob.

    @James yeah can’t help but feel we are not the target demographic. Still if it funds the website …

  7. Daire

    Good to see its mostly DH instead of the usual DJ filled NWD’s

  8. Ric

    If I want to look like a total prick…. I CAN.

  9. Jonnhy

    Who is the name of this song ?

  10. Fudge

    Mountainbikers don’t seem to be the kinda people who would particularly go out to buy hair products really…leave us alone!

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    Song is Nero – Me & You


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