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Orange go 29 with the Gyro

Orange go 29 with the Gyro

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Big wheeled news from Halifax, Orange launch the Gyro 29er.

Big’ news from Orange

When does the new become more than a bandwagon? When we test a theory and the concept still rolls.

It’s no secret we’ve been playing with both 29er full suspension and hardtail design for some time now. We had to. When the industry pushes one way we often end up wielding a weighty cynic stick as we get dizzy bludgeoning the pointlessness of it all but we still have to test, test and test again and convince ourselves it’s more than just marketing speak. That takes time but once the testing is done and we have convinced ourselves of the pros and cons we’ll push on in our own way. Introducing the new Orange Gyro!

Built around our proven and reliable folded aluminium chassis technology and construction, the Gyro is the latest development of the classic Orange single pivot design with geometry specifically developed to retain our characteristic handling agility and matching it with mile devouring poise and efficiency. The virtue of big wheels combined with angles from the masters of geometry.

The Maxle back end delivers 110mm of travel and promoting complete confidence it balances with the 120mm fork to create a truly efficient but sensitive ride. A standards-friendly 49/49mm head-tube and 34.9 seat-tube add front-end stiffness and dropper seatpost compatibility, while the trademark monocoque and custom butted 6061-T6 Reynolds tubing form an obvious lightweight silhouette. Every part a 29er, but still so blatantly Orange…

If the Five is the definitive do-it-all dream bike, this is the original mountain man’s XC/Trail machine. Fun, lively and flickable, but an absolute beast for covering ground quickly. A new classic is born.

Fancy getting your hands on one? You’ll have to be quick, an exclusive run of fifty bikes have already been built. Factory level Fox suspension, Avid Elixir brakes, Maxle as standard and a proven Shimano transmission. Matching performance, exclusivity and value for money, the Gyro Black Gold is shipping now and can be found at Orange Bikes Dealers.

Highlight features at a glance:

Jet Black/Gold decal paint scheme
Maxle rear swingarm
Fox Factory RP23 Kashima rear shock
Fox 32 Float 120 Factory FIT RLC Kashima 15QR fork
Shimano SLX/XT 10-speed drive train
Avid Elixir 5 brakes
Link: Orange Gyro Black Gold www.orangebikes.co.uk

RRP – £2799.99

Availability – Now

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  1. Dirt Diggler

    Is this a joke ? seriously. Christ….

  2. Dave

    Nope, I think this is a press release for a bike?

  3. Bones

    No 650b?

  4. slamman

    I WANT, just started riding a 29er, love it. now i see what the fuss is all about. as for 650b, if 29ers work and the reason is a bigger wheel is better then why do you need to invent another smaller one, lol.

  5. Alex

    Looks nice, would be amazing around my local xc trails. I wonder why they put the 1.5 headtube on though rather than a taper.

  6. dave

    @slamman then why stop at 29? 31ers are where it’s at!!
    trend monkeys comments welcome…..

  7. TimBud

    @Alex, because a 1.5 gives far more options

  8. Arturo_Bandini

    @dirt diggler
    Yeah, can’t believe it. Well, I can’t believe that they state it is the ultimate XC mashine and the Five should be the ultimate do-it-all-bike.
    I am quite sure that this big thingy here smokes the Five pretty much anywhere, seriously. Although the chain stay seems to be fairly long for 110mm of travel and BB could be lower. But looks neat as fook. 26er trail bike is deeaad! Hahaha.

    greetings from Germany

  9. Jimmy Fids

    @ Dave. Trend Monkeys, lol.
    You know why 26 has been the norm for so long? Because when fisher, ritchey and the rest were flying down hills on their klunkers thats the largest volume tyre size they could get their hands on. No scientific reason at all, so why fear the change/progression?
    They may not be to everyones liking but in my honest opinion for general xc use they are the best option

  10. DTM

    “but still so blatantly Orange…” I think we would all be more surprised if Orange actually did something new! Making another bike that looks exactly like every other one they have done in the last 15 years is hardly a claim to fame.

  11. dave

    @jimmy fids i guess with them being the “best option” that means you’ve tried all other available combinations then? i fear no progression at all, but i’m yet to find anyone able to give any reasonable facts why one is better than another, after all i haven’t actually stated my own personal opinions at all 😉

  12. Daniel

    DTM you hit the nail right on the head!

  13. churchie

    Orange have stuck with this design for 15 years because it’s simple and it’t works, no need to dramatically change design every year and hype it as the next big thing, only to launch a new design the next year, as some companies do.

  14. DTM

    @churchie – I agree there is no need to change things for the sake of it. But lets be honest with ourselves, 15 years of the same bike? Im not saying the bikes dont work well, but you would be kidding yourself if you said the brand wasn’t lacking in the progression & innovation side of things. They can claim to be the “masters of geometry” as much as they want, but as each year ticks over it starts to look more and more like a company thats held back by its limited in house production capabilities.

  15. ddmonkey

    So DTM, what dramatic change would you make to improve an Orange 5?

    I like to look of this bike and recon it would work well, one of the more right looking 29’ers I think.

  16. badbob

    best if Ornage make it look like a yeti, or a ibis, or something! maybe a BSO?

  17. GBeast

    Orange have made/tried many different designs. Just wish I could afford one =(

  18. jonzo

    Anyway… so where were all the 29er’s at the first round of the world cup we were all told to expect?
    Anyone see one?

  19. Hugo

    Porsche 911 anyone ?

  20. Miller

    First Round WC: places 2, 3 and 5 for 29ers is solid or not. There as only Schurter with 650B on first and Absolon with 26er on 4th.

  21. Taiwaniwan

    I probably wouldn’t go as far as to say Porsche 911. More so Land Rover Defender

  22. dave

    @Miller I think he means the DH WC, jonesy suggested there would be some in his test of 26 v 29

  23. 4xlego

    how heavy is that going to be ?


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