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US Open DH Qualifying Results

US Open DH Qualifying Results

James Renwick James Renwick

Mick Hannah has put up the fastest time in DH qualifying ahead of Gee and Neethling. Hill’s off the pace back in 10th, with teammate Fairclough in fifth. Finals will be kicking off around 6ish GMT, but we should have some video goodness for you soon.

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  1. Arturo Bandini

    By the way it’s “Jürgen” in 7th. Glad to see that the old man is still rockin’. Remember he is 38 and not a full time rider. He still has such a great potential to be the fastest german. But surely he had reasons for his decision…

  2. Philipp

    Yeah, gogogo Jürgen!

  3. Andy B

    Jurgan Beneke! Now there’s a name I didn’t think I’d see in the top ten. Nice one.

  4. Brajal

    Beneke was my first DH hero, I’m glad that is still very fast! I miss those old Answer Manitou glory days!


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