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One Million Vertical feet: Adam Billinghurst's 57 days

One Million Vertical feet: Adam Billinghurst's 57 days


I think I would feel like this too.

We first heard of Adam Billinghurst out at Crankworx and his bonkers idea of riding a million, yes, thats right, a million vertical feet during one season at Whistler Bike Park.

It sounds simple, and I guess it is really but being compelled to undertake such a mission is pretty incredible. Its times like this we are bombarded with some amazing equivalent statistics…here we go then.

Walking down the Empire State building 750 times or walking down Mt. Everest 48 times. Both of which would be way less fun than Adam’s adventure.


He wasn’t hanging about with that max speed.

“I was able to drop in on Adam’s final day of riding and I couldn’t believe what he had already been through to get there. Riding 1 million vertical feet is one thing, but to do it in 57 days requires a full time commitment and takes a huge physical toll on you. It’s a very impressive accomplishment, one that I have no interest in trying to match!” – Thomas Vanderham

So how did he do it, well a combination of famous runs in Whistler repeated, a lot. Then one final day and a single run right from the top clicked Adam’s computer over the 1 million feet mark. In 57 days Adam 565 lower mountain laps, 169 from the Garbanzo chair, 2 from the round house and 1 from top of the peak. Here’s his video, definitely not your average helmet camera from a season of riding.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=213xt08LjuM


Pinning it every inch of the trail.

“I turned what I love to do most into something I had to do. It became the best first world problem I’ve ever had. I had to ride my downhill bike too much. Sometimes it wasn’t as fun as I wanted it to be, most of the time it was. Even after 15 years of riding here like a fiend, every October I felt like I didn’t ride the park enough that season. This is the year though. I rode enough. I say that now, knowing I’ll be dying for an A-Line hot lap as soon as it closes for the season. Thanks to everybody that helped me accomplish this goal and good luck to anybody else who wants to go for it.” – Adam Billinghurst

  1. noah

    amazing your bike, body and mind held up to so much riding. what was bike maintenance like, how many tires and other parts did you go through? i’d love to try something like that. curious to see what gave first my body or my mind.

  2. cutthebs


    1. Daire

      Apparently all the parts on his bike were sponsored due to the companies wanting to know know how their products lasted during real riding. He was basically acting like a product tester for the companies putting their products through the most stressful season of testing possible.

    2. Hancock

      Doing what you love is never pointless.

  3. Alex

    I wish I could have a go at this, perfect way to spend a summer. I am looking forward to my challenge of 5000m in 9 days, sadly no uplift though.

  4. alex

    Does he still wish that dirt fell like snow?

  5. Si

    Not knocking the dude, but Mark Weir CLIMBED, then presumably decended 1000000ft, a couple of seasons ago. Much of that was on a VPfree to make the downs more fun! No lifts for the Weirwolf.

    1. Dirt dodger

      ANYBODY that tries to belittle this achievement needs a fucking smack and a wake up call plain and simple. What have you achieved lately? Ask yourself. This was not meant to be compared to Mark was it, look beyond your own jealousy and shortcomings and appreciate this for what it represents.

  6. marc

    noah, are you serious? ,it’s all there at the end of the video.
    watch, analyse, then comment dude.

    1. Ste Tomlinson

      If you want to do a UK version, you’d need to do 10 runs a day at Fort William.

      i wish I could afford to take 2 months off work to do it!

      1. Dirt+dodger

        Lol, not sure I would want two months at ft bill doing ten a day , screw that!!


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