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One Industries Mini Enduro: Forest of Dean - Sunday 3 November


Ever fancied trying an enduro race, but not sure what to expect?

The One Industries Mini Enduro is coming to the Forest of Dean on 3 November 2013. The event is open to everyone, and a race license isn’t required to compete. Chris Roberts, the brains behind the mini enduro explains the concept behind the event.

Mini Enduro is the new exciting way to race Mountain Bike Enduro. It’s aimed at new riders to the sport to give it a go and we also have a Pro am category for more experienced racers.
A top day out racing with live timing on all stages, and a fun atmosphere all topped off with great prizes from our sponsors, One Industries.


The best off piste gravity stages in the FoD have been chosen to give riders the biggest buzz. The stages vary in length and the first one is a great blast down a loamy switch back of fun to clear out the cobwebs, before hitting the two longest stages of the day. There is no need to worry about making the transition times as there aren’t any during the event.


Categories are run with the fastest rider first so there is no need to worry about catching the rider in front of you during the race.

Hardtail +12

17 & Under







Practice Starts                          9.00am

Racing Starts (3 Stages)          1.00pm

Prize Podium Presentations  4.00pm


Café, toilets and hot showers are available at Pedalabikeaway. The shop is packed with accessories, parts, clothing and protective equipment to provide anything riders may need during the race.

gate-minienduroFor more information, or to enter, go here.
  1. Walter White

    £45 for 3 stages?! Is Chris Roberts on drugs?!

    1. Con

      I agree, your trying to get people to try it. Not scare them away with the entry fee!

    2. Chris Roberts

      Yes on aspirin!
      all this moaning gives me a headache :)

  2. Samuel Morris

    £45!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll speak to the bank manager…

    1. Tronnor

      ONE are involved didn’t I just read they had gone bankrupt! and laid off all the staff! :\

  3. Daniel James

    why don’t you guys try organising an event for 200+ riders where you as the organiser pay for the liability insurance, medic fees, marshals, hire of all the timing equipment, paying for use of the site and any other hidden costs that go in doing an event like this. if you manage to get that cost down much below £45 I would be more than happy to come to it..

  4. Alex Morrison

    £45?? I was in until I know that! That is a tad steep!

  5. Chris Roberts

    Enduro races are very expensive to organize, you have to understand its same as running 3 downhill races at the same time so the cost are 3 times more.

    But you do get way more riding time on your bike which is i guess why you can an Enduro bike right?

    Practice starts at 9am with Marshals and medics on all 3 stages.

    You will also be riding on what i would guess is new to you off piste trails in FoD and that feeling of riding loose and fast on unknown tracks is one of the best feelings on a bike.

    One thing i do know from the last few Mini Enduro’s is when people come along to watch they really do regret not entering when seeing everyone racing having such a good time.

    Free Entry?
    You can always race for FREE if you can provide a marshal for the day or if you know some one who will Marshal we will pay them £45 for the day and feed them.
    just email chris@minienduro.tv to put your name on the list to marshal.

  6. Mutly

    Good luck with this. Great to see a 50+ category. Will try and reorganise diary to get to this.

  7. Johnny

    Was very keen for this until I saw the price. I’m sorry but £45 is awful value for money. If you compare that to the mega, which was £80 for 5 days lift pass, quali, race and access to other facilities in Alp D’huez. How can it be so much more expensive in the UK in comparison to France?

  8. Charlie Williams

    The Mega is subsidised by the resort hence the price and the fact that they get over 2000 entries!. Also Health and Safety in France compared to the UK…

  9. Andrew

    If the Mega is only £80, and you can afford the sweet ass bike to do that, the vehicle travel to get there, the staying in the resort, the ferry, the tolls, then £45 for this is totally nothing. Stop moaning and get off your butt and organise something yourself.
    Always remember before you winge about anything-> Easy in your mind, harder in reality.

  10. Johnny c

    45 is just to much

  11. Graham Gibson

    Hi Chris are there any dates for 2014 out yet?
    If so could you let me know, or give me a link to where I can find out mate.




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