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Norco Prototype update with Ben Reid

Norco Prototype update with Ben Reid

Dan Stanbridge

The team recently took delivery of the second batch of prototype frames from Norco. Ben tells us a little bit about the development team and takes the new bike for a ride at a local track at home in Ireland.

Ben Reid – Norco Prototype 2nd Generation >>

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  1. VonDH

    Was that a birdie or hole in one. that norco is the muts nuts.was that a rocket packet i saw outta your ass, flying along.

  2. jonzo

    35lbs impressive!

  3. the dude

    C’mon the lumpers!!!!!

  4. staike

    Looks like a Trek…

  5. lochsweed

    Does anyone know when these frames will be available to buy?

  6. phil

    so what’s new on the second prototype?

  7. Nickkkk

    holy crap Reid is fast!

  8. olliebongo

    Hoooooo-ly Fcuk!!!! PIGEON ATTACK lol.Bike, Truck and Pits lookin sweet. and Baltic lookin pinned. Best of Luck for the Season Lads

  9. Hw

    How does Ben Reid not do better in world cups?! He’s bloody rapid!

  10. billy

    Ace stuff! Was that Reidy’s rapid homing pigeon flying back from a mission away?!!!

  11. MadBikerRich

    will sum1 tell ben to get a haircut.

  12. cool hand luke

    that pigeon looked like a trek

  13. Rodney

    When I watched Earthed 5 a few years ago, Ben impressed me as one of the very best riders on that vid. Hope he gets a podium this year on the new Norco.

  14. stevo

    is it just me or is ben reid morphing into a young, long haired rob warner?

  15. Hunter

    A young, sober George Best in my opinion.

  16. Hunter
  17. spunkface

    Can’t wait till it comes out. Think i’ll start saving now. Wicked riding and a sweet vid too!!

  18. harry

    oh my life i love reids style ! what song is that goes so well

  19. scrappy doo

    i think he looks like aragorn from lord of the rings

  20. Bren

    The pigeon completed the Hobo look, nicely done :-)Pinned to the max, also nicely done. Good luck this season Ben. That bike looks great.

  21. Munzy

    Love watching Reid, you can see he really works the bike hard!

  22. Tim


  23. sulley

    YEEEEEOOOOW…., thats the furthest i’ve seen anyone land after the ladder drop…,
    Long live “De Lumpers”

  24. The Bear

    35 lbs? that pretty light is it not?

  25. Streetride

    35Ibs is crazy!

  26. Al Carson

    I wish my all mountain bike was 35lbs – fooks sake thats light for a doonhiller :)

  27. treehuggergraeme

    @sulley – where is this track?

  28. cool hand luke

    @treehuggergraeme lumpers forest, near the ravensdale track, just outside newry.

    PS if i find out who’s giving my little pigeon joke the thumbs down there’s gona be trouble.

  29. paulie

    OMG! 35lbs and that is one sick looking bike. I was going to get a scalp. But im waiting for this amazing bike! I WANT!


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