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New Velosolutions' Pump Track: Pontresina, Switzerland

New Velosolutions' Pump Track: Pontresina, Switzerland

Pumptrack Pontresina Inauguration, by Velosolutions.ch from Claudio Caluori on Vimeo.

Velosolutions’ latest creation recently opened in Pontresina, Switzerland. One year ago the town expressed interest in having a pump track built there, and originally there was due to be only one line so cross country skiers could use it in winter, but the new pump track was built packed with multiple lines.

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There was no room for error on this project, the build was so compact it proved a real challenge to get right.

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The process involved returning to look at plans, measuring the distances and stopping and restarting digging to make sure nothing went wrong. The end goal was reached, creating a pump track with open line choices and combinations that can be experimented on for years.

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The foundations of the pump track started with basics, allowing Velosolutions to create the next level of pump track:

We started by laying out a proper drainage system as well as electrical pipes for flood light. After finishing the raw shape, we added a layer of coloured concrete, which allows riding in any weather, without having to reshape it. It also allows usage with skateboards, inline skates and scooters. Last thing was the landscaping/greening by the gardener. We will have to wait for next summer to see the green though, as the snow covered the track in white right after the inauguration.


The track was packed on opening day with riders of all ages coming along to test the track; including the Scott Voltage team with Timo Pritzel and Xavier Pasamonte.

Opening Day Gallery

  1. matt

    whilst this is obviously good news, why is it on here? i live in england not switzerland. if i want to find out about anything going on in this country i have to find it by accident or trawl the web for weeks to find it. You’re losing sight of your readers. i believe there’s a new pump track nearish to me on the wirral but i’m buggered if i can find anyone who’s written about it.

    1. willysnow

      Why don’t you write something about it and submit the article? Be proactive, you know?

    2. sam

      matt, what if I told you not only English people read dirtmag ?

    3. Eoin

      More than likely because Velosolutions made a press release and sent it around the major sites, whereas your local pumptrack didnt bother. To be fair the pumptrack featured above is pretty sweet and probably more interesting to a larger viewership of the site.
      Not saying you are wrong about more UK content, just doesnt seem that bad to me overall.

    4. Bradley Reece

      Dude, I’m in the US and read Dirt for *international* coverage, like many others. It’s great to see action a world away much less on my own continent. Read MBUK if you want such local coverage. You’ll have plenty Forest of Dean action to keep you satisfied.

  2. Paco Loco

    Wow! That looks like so much fun.
    When is someone gonna build one of these in the UK??

  3. matt

    i know, i know. Moan, mona, moan. I just feel that the UK is getting majorly overlooked by dirt.

  4. pituu

    es increíble lo que an echo!, soy de argentina y en mi pais no hay este tipo de pistas, quiero contruir una pista de esas aqui. tienen los planos para poder verlos muy agradecido! saludos

  5. nordofjura

    The track was built by “Velosolution”, Claudio Caluoris company, who is also known as the manager of the Gstaad-Scott WC Downhill Team and rider of the pre WC Race Talkie Helmet Cam, featured on this very website. That might lighten things up a little …

  6. part time

    Skateboarding a pumptrack would be immense, anyone know of a concrete pumptrack in the UK or am I going to have to go to Switzerland?


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