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New Trails At Afan!

New Trails At Afan!

It’s been a while since Afan has seen any new trails but judging by the video below it looks like it will have been worth the wait.

As well as a whole new bike park/skills area the ‘Y Wal’ trail has also sprung a couple of new sections, including one loop with a great singletrack DH which can easily be ridden as many times as you want. All of the new stuff will officially be open to ride tomorrow (Friday 7th December), so that should be your plans sorted for the weekend.

For more details head over to Cognation who are the guys who have made this happen.

Here are some photos of some of the sections…

Swoopyflowyjumpytastic! What do you reckon?

  1. Big_Tim

    Time for a road trip!

  2. Stubob

    Thats my weekend sorted!

  3. John.

    Nice,loved Afan before.

  4. ryan

    wish they would have put in a more natural section, i appreciate its hard to make them stand up to the amount of use they’ll get but natural is so much fun

    1. dirt hater

      fuck u prick face

  5. Adam Hiks

    Not sure about this, its supposed to be an outdoor sport; where were the roots, rocks, bumps? I know most trail centres are this way inclined but you might as well be on a 24″ cruiser for what the video shows of this trail.

    1. Neil

      Maybe he just brought the wrong bike by mistake. It does look like it would be more fun on a BMX…. Worries me to see mountain bike development getting more and more park / hardpack / jump based. What are the big spiky tyres and suspension for again?

      1. Max R

        this is the skills park designed on improving jumping and cornering skills. its the most fun place i have ridden for ages! theres loads of natural stuff around. its just a fun park to have a play on! any new development is a good thing.

  6. Maverickdh

    Agree with Adam looks like a mini bike dirt jump park wide enough for a bus, too much digger not enough hand job, we just cut in an old overgrown trail today rebenched the exit with a bunny line and a drop line all done by hand, roots bumps el nat tral

    1. marki3boy

      Hehe! That guy said hand job!

  7. Astro

    Looks good to me. If you want roots go to Forest of Dean 😉

  8. Graeme Wadhams

    Sorry, but whats with all the hating, there are plenty of natural trails around the country to ride, this looks like wicked fun.

  9. Machete

    the whole country is absolutely riddled with natural trails. when i wanna get my boost on and pretend i’m a supercross hero i go to a trail centre. braaap!

  10. sewersides

    If u dnt like the look of it dnt go! Iv been there the last few weekends, even tho it wernt open and every1 very happy who been on it. There plenty of natrual around afan and elsewhere. *maverick its not s wide as ur mothers arse yeah! So go take ur plastic fisher price shovel and have a tommy tank over ur new bunny line! Tommy tank= w~*k

  11. alperry

    Its great news that Rowan and the cog guys have done this, so a big shout to them as to be honest Y Wall and Afan in general was getting a bit stagnant, I cant wait to ride it. But as a local rider i cant help but feel like its going to be like the M4 at rush hour for a while so will be doing a Tippie-esq night ride on Sunday…..mmmmm icy berms,,,yeaaahhh

  12. Tim Wood

    Where is this.. Glyncorrwg or Afan car parks? only in the area next weekend for a little time and want to hit the ground in the right place.

  13. Jamie

    It’s great fun, so many lines and something for everyone! A lot more than is just shown on the video as well.. The skills section and the added loop part are around the bryn bettws lodge (it is sign posted) or if you ride the wall loop you’ll come across it anyway.. That’s what I done!

  14. Nick Dowland

    i’ll be heading there when i get the chance, but if u don’t like the look of it don’t go, stop slagging off other peoples hard work and sounding like a bunch of whingeing old grannys


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