New contender for the best trail in the Alps

You might remember that a month ago we featured a video of trail that Dirt’s James McKnight had come across in Courchevel, a trail that he reckoned was quite possibly the best one he’s ever ridden in the Alps (and after living the life of a ‘Euro Pikey’ for several years he’s ridden far more than most). If you missed it then you can catch up here. Anyway, a few of you had also ridden the track and agreed with McKnight about just how incredible it is, but this morning an email landed in my inbox from Dirt fan Tristan Monnier who now reckons he’s found a trail that’s worthy of clinching the best trail in the Alps title. Watch the video below to see if you agree…

We think it looks like it could well be a contender for the title, it seems to have a mix of everything. The track is located in in Verbier, Switzerland, and you can now access this and several other trails via the gondola. This year is the first time that you’ve been able to officially ride these incredible trails. Verbier is now keen to get bikers into the area, and I think McKnight may well be one of those very soon as he wants to see for himself if it manages to beat the other track he found.

Some photos taken on the track are in the gallery below…

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