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New Chris Akrigg Edit - Trail Trials

14:47 13th September 2013 by Dave Jaquin

Powered by Yorkshire Tea and Betty’s cakes Chris Akrigg has pumped out and another banging edit taking his full bouncer on a flat out, fence hopping tour of the Dales.

If you ever wondered what was the best way to get over the stiles, gates or steps you come across when out riding then this video tells all. Not that any of us will likely be able to do it like Akrigg but atleast we know it’s possible!

  1. Noway Hose

    I think I’ve been spoiled by Danny Mac vids because, while this was generally awesome, it didn’t wow me tbh. I need some bangers in there too.

    1. Big Dawg

      With all due respect you’re wrong. This is incredible riding the likes of which only a handful of people in world could do. Some of this Danny Mac defo couldn’t do. Eg who else is capable of doing a stoppie across a 5ft high 10ft long boulder and then launching off it to drifting a flat turn with maximum roost?

      1. vtsingletrack

        @bigdawg Gotta agree with you here. This was the first trials vid I’ve watched and thought, damn he might be better than Danny… Granted on trails and natural terrain, and Danny is a street trials rider. He might not be throwing flairs off of trees, but the lines Akrigg puts together on a trail bike are freaking mental

  2. Craigo

    Great vid! I was waiting for a big trowdown too though, and it didn’t really happen. I mean, it was awesome, but didn’t get me out my seat.

  3. Eoin

    Awesome. Typically, his UK edits are a lot more mellow than the stuff he get up to abroad. He cant be risking his health everytime he gets on a bike! To be fair the wall climb and the front wheelie over the rock were insane.

  4. Elvis Lad

    Just been able to get over gates is HUGELY AWESOME fellas,that is what every single biker has always wanted to do on country rides,not stop but just hop or jump over gates,and id call a 10ft drop pretty big!?!

  5. skud

    no studios, no giant pencils, just awesome riding on proper trails!

  6. Jamie

    When you think he’s not long back from another broken leg, it’s damn pretty impressive.

  7. Hickorystick

    Not just creative lines on another level of magnitude but execution so smooth it almost makes them look too simple. Cheers, CA! May you long continue to astonish.

  8. The butcher

    Absolutely F in fantastic that…..

  9. Andy Barlow

    Every time I watch one of Akrigg’s videos I see something I’ve never seen before! Inspirational.

  10. Bobby Jay


  11. Jake Boylett

    He’s so sick I’m so stoked now yeeewoo

  12. Ed

    so good, that last tree ride was wild!

  13. Mike


  14. Andy V

    To those that weren’t awed by this, I feel for you. Ride more and you’ll start to appreciate what he just offered us.

    All I want to know is WHEN WILL WE SEE A DANNY MAC/AKRIGG VIDEO???????? Please?

  15. Cambo

    That is SICK !

    Some of the finest riding skills to be seen…Agrigg is the complete package as a rider….some excellent edits as well..

    Can’t believe any rider worth his salt could knock that vid…..
    I’m a big Danny Mac fan as well…but CA has the freakish skills to go with Danny’s….

    Both British…. Both Amazing….

  16. Malc Dent


  17. Ioan Parry

    A tad speachless by this to be honest. Chris, I think it’s safe to say you do on a bike what most of us will only ever wish we could do – ride amazingly, with pinpoint precision, with massive explosive power, and all done in the best county in the world! Great seeing some local spots ridden like this – KEEP IT UP LAD!! And Akrigg for Prime Minister obviously…

  18. Dayle

    Noway hose, you should have saved yourself sometime and just posted ‘I know nothing’. Epic skills, Epic video


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