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MTB Personality Of The Year 2012

MTB Personality Of The Year 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Bit of Christmas fun here. Bradley Wiggins won the 2012 BBC Sports Personality Of The Year last night, so we got to thinking if there was an annual international award for the Mountain Bike Personality Of The Year ,maybe held at a ceremony in the back room of the Three Horse Shoes in Monmouth (they do a cracking buffet and the beer isn’t bad either), to honour the achievements of an individual MTB athlete for their endeavours in 2012, then who would you nominate?

Cedric Gracia perhaps for his remarkable recovery from injury, maybe Aaron Gwin for his dominating season or WC winner Rachel Atherton, perhaps World Champions Greg Minnaar, Morgane Charre, Loic Bruni, Holly Feniak,  freeriders Brandon Sememuk, Sam Pilgrim and Olly Wilkins (suggested by BigBecks), Chris Akrigg, or how about 4x Champ Roger Rinderknecht, maybe Rampage winner Kurt Sorge, Enduro rider Remy Absalon, or it could be a race organiser like Chris Ball, Simon Paton…anyone connected to mountain biking who has had an outstanding year…


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Tell us who you would vote for and why in the comments below!


  1. jasdh

    sam hill for making a successful comeback to a full world cup season without injury

    1. Eoin

      As much as I like sambo, he clearly said he was aiming for #1, I’ll wait until 2013 to see if he can take Gwin down a step.
      Chris Akrigg’s entire video series showing his slow, painful recovery leading to the amazing, best-so-far “through the mill” has been incredible. No contest in my book.

  2. billy

    I’ll add a poll when we get a heap of suggestions, then we can all vote…could be the start of a prestigious award ceremony, I’d better let the Three Horse Shoes know so they can order in some cocktail sausages and the like.

  3. John Colthorpe

    Wyn Masters for being a ruthless c**t.

    That will be all.

  4. Josh

    Semenuk, seems to win nearly every competition and does it with style!

  5. Max Henry

    Sam Pilgrim because he’s a bloody legend!

  6. Big Dawg

    Rachel Atherton or Brandon Semenuk.

    Rachel for winning the WC overall even though she missed one round.

    Brandon for all round dominance, taking free ride to new levels and showing candid and fun behind the scenes access with behind bars.

  7. jacques720

    Got to be CG, to come back from that crash and looked like he kept smiling thoughout

  8. Rich

    Cedric Gracia, his comeback from that awful injury is pretty damn inspirational!

  9. rh

    +1 for CG! Back winning local races already! Tache tache, Sergeant!

  10. Keith Brock

    Gracia for coming back to his first race with a win after that injury, his positivity during his recovery was inspirational.

    Gwin for his performances throughout the year (the trip over for the awards would be a great excuse to get him down the original 1.04 track, see what he can do to sams time).

  11. bedders

    No-one’s gone for Peaty yet, so I shall. And on a different subject, anyone know if anyone will be bringing out a 2012 Season DVD? Cheers.

  12. Jonsey

    I vote for Chris Roberts his mini downhill races are the best thing since sliced bread.

  13. Mark

    I’d say CG, I think it’s his personality that has allowed such a successful recovery. If not, Peaty should win every year for being such a massive legend. Now that’s a personality. Whoever said Sam Hill, really? Like really?

  14. Part Time

    Gwin for his bow-legged-stem-shaggers in his worlds run, pure class.

  15. wert

    Brendan Fairclough – because of style and real personality

    1. Johann

      I love Brendan’s style but i seriously can’t figure out what makes him stand out in ’12 more than in say ’10

  16. Callum

    Rachel Atherton, home grown hero
    Or CG, recovering from his crash, wanting to get ripping again

  17. Alanpods

    You all beat me to it: Cedric Garcia…

    End of. 😉

  18. Adam Hicks

    As a rider; for me its gotta be Gwin, he was amazing this season and has also grown on me a lot as the year has progessed. He comes accross as being pretty modest and down to earth in a situation where it would be easy to get big headed.

    Outside of riders; Linsay and Dave Pearce for continuing to run a cracking series and events.

  19. Leon

    Well it can’t be Gwin as having a personality is a requirement :p

  20. robin

    chris ball for getting the enduro world series going, gwinn has got to be up there too, minnaar and of course semenuk for killing the whole jump scene.

    1. Johann

      Totally agree for Chris Ball!

  21. LemonadeMoney

    Rob Warner.

  22. Mark

    Peaty for Lifetime achievement award!

  23. Rodney

    Gwin for the win! CG for best comeback.

  24. Janner

    Peaty – He still has it, he still looks like he is having fun, he actually has a personality and invests a lot of time and money into the sport, from grass roots through to WC.

  25. g

    Si Paton for juggling filming for the hobbit and organising an expensive race series at the same time.

    1. dirt dodger


  26. jake

    definatley CG becuase he is such a lad!! and if it is personality of the year surely he wins with his personality, hands down!

  27. Chamakazi

    CG for sure!

  28. Simon s

    Cedric ,

  29. chris

    Anyone else disappointed that no “extreme sports” got a mention during the whole show. We’ve got brilliant DH/XC/Slope/BMX/snow/trial/MX athletes in the UK but nothing mentioned at all, not even a single clip!!

    Back to the Vote at hand. Personality of the year: Dan Atherton. Lifetime achivement: Steve Peat

    1. RadDad172

      Don’t get me started!
      I have written so many letters to the BBC over the years complaining that ‘its just not fare, boo hoo’, one day I’ll actually press send

  30. guido

    SPOTY sucks. Its just a nauseating round of back slappin by the beeb that people, for some strange reason, get worked up about. Zara phillips won a few years for gods sake.

  31. Greg Callaghan

    Has to be Jerome Clementz for his whole attitude towards racing and riding a bike. He’s like an average guy who just so happens to be one of the best in the world at what he does.

  32. dangerousdave


  33. ronin

    off the bike – warner
    on the bike – fairclough
    on the gas – kovarik’s mad at the mtn style

  34. ronin

    oh yeah.. and Fabien!

  35. dave

    Said it from the off CG, the man is a legend and an inspiration to others, had a rough few years but his love of riding bikes, having fun and entertaining the crowds have got him through it with a smile on his face – who hasn’t been moved or inspired by Cedric this year? even when he’s not riding he makes you want to go out and live every moment

  36. susan parsons

    Brendan Fairclough has all our votes here… Best all rounder in the business.

  37. Ben

    Where’s Danny Hart? :)

  38. CHewitt24

    Sam pilgrim should win it because he is the best dirt jumper around and he’s worked hard all year

  39. Plonsracing

    Jerome Clementz, awesome bike skillz, superb ambassedeur for the “new” enduro sport and allround great guy. And even organised himself a very nice race

  40. Jez

    Fabien Barel, for being an all round top guy.

    1. DH Dave

      Good choice dude!

  41. C

    CG is the funniest damn dude in all of mtb’s. Peaty a close 2nd. Lacondeguy if he woulda made the list. Not even a contest.

  42. Stefano Mignani

    Cédric Gracia non ha eguali… rassegnatevi, ovunque voi siate, lui sarà sempre un salto avanti a voi… Ha un modo di fare unico, per questo si guadagna tutto il mio rispetto e la mia stima! Cédric continua così!

  43. dirt dodger

    why would anybody not vote for CG on this? seriously.

  44. Toto

    As much as I like Peaty, Semenuk, Rach and Sambo, it has to be CG. Not only because he recovered so well and fast but because he didn´t lose his positive attitude even in his darkest hours. I´ve seen good racers losing their drive to much smaller injuries.

    1. tarja

      Well said!

  45. david

    For me it has to be the fastest downhill rider around -Aaron Gwin.

    Not only is he the fastest , he has the most humble attitude.When something as big as the World Champs goes wrong,he isn’t looking for excuses or blame.A great inspiration and role model for younger riders.

  46. Dude-on-Edge

    Minnaar … he can talk & speech

  47. Big B

    The #1 personality is undoubtedly CG, injury recovery aside….his tears of joy at Peaty’s 20th World Champs commemoration showed everything great about himself and his role in the rise of downhill racing, something that is often overshadowed by Peaty’s legacy.

    1. Big B

      To add to that, it’s not just downhill racing that CG has been a role model for. One of the very best all rounders ever!

  48. Steve Brown

    Oli Beckinsale thought his way back from a serious injury unfortunately then missed out on the Olympics yet still went on to win the National MTB champs and is looking like he is going to win the National Cyclo X champs in Derby on 6/1/12 in 1 season!

  49. Steve Brown

    Sorry 6/1/13 lol

  50. Down n Dirty

    As to be CG for me to go through what he as,sharing every step of his recovery on the networks,the guy is amazing.

  51. Alex Harris

    erm ok if it was the ride of the year award then itd be Morgane Charre, privateer dh world champ is some inspirational stuff but were talking about a biking personality here and that means there are only two people who’s names can stand; rob warner and CG, both are legends that are as big after the stops clock ticking as they are in the middle of a finals run, even if it is for differenet reasons and the sport wouldnt be the same without them, as for who wins, well thats just up to you now isnt it 😉

  52. Adolf hittler

    Warner because he is the man may not ridw re bbiles but is just te coolest dude ever

  53. Nath

    Rob ‘box’ Cooksley

  54. wingman

    CG.. because his comeback has got all the top ten contenders concerned (or scared).. and that’s at 34. in a pool where talent runs deep.

  55. DH Dave

    Warner! Dirty Business… say no more!

  56. cristhopher añes

    voto por CG por todo lo que le paso este año, su accidente y recuperación y cuando vuelve lo hace con un podio y eso no lo hacen muchos…por la fuerza y corazon al MTB , yo voto CG Le Commandant

  57. spont

    CG all the way.

    But where is kurt sorge ? For his big win over the rampage and keeping it cool all the contest. And his part on where the trail ends.

  58. yer wan

    CG simply has the best personality in dh and will live on as one of the biggest legends of the sport. His injury this year was quite inspirational to not only myself but im sure alot of dhers wer in the same position this year. I myself had quite a nasty injury at the start of the season. CG showed me to keep pushing it. The times wer i was strugglin with comin to terms with not riding i just looked at CG’s page and he spared me on… I made quite a good recovery and would of been riding about a year ahead of the doc estimate. CG has a right bit to do with that. He may not have done what he wanted in dh this year but he won even more respect from the dh comunity. good lad CG keep ‘er pinned…

    P.s as gay as that all sounds its true.

  59. emikrania

    CG Number 1!!!! The King

  60. CRFRDH

    Nice Billy….I like this one, I’ve being thinking on doing this but with people arround the world that helps develop teh sport even when there is little to no support….those are the true legends….

    Now, my vote, CG by far, because besides the recovery, he is a Pro Athlete with the feet on the ground….he can care less if you drive a Lamborgini or a Datsun120Y, he will not back his hand to salute you, that to me is by far the most that I admire of CG, he is a people’s person….

  61. Mauricio Riquelme

    Semenuk, for his results and development in each competition.

    However, I think who should appear the canadian slopestyle rider Brett Rheeder. This guy appeared in the FMB World Tour the last year (2011), and this year dominated almost all competitions (fighting with Semenuk, Soderstrom, inter alia, with more experience in the competitions). He had a notable progression from the 2011 to 2012, and finished 4th in the FMB World Tour. For this, I think who he should appear in this list.


  62. Jan Rickmeyer

    Cedric gracia for sure. He one hell of a good athlete, funny and he was able to recover sooo fast from this horrible Crash

  63. Father Ted

    Greg Callaghan – Irish downhill Champion, Redbull Fox Hunt Champion (Beat Gee Atherton) and for being a pure legend!

    1. Father Jack


  64. Timothy Kock

    GREG MINNAAR!!!! World Champ Nuff Said!

  65. robin rumbelow

    Greg Minnaar for sure, he has done wonders for the sport in SA and is a true gentleman when it counts the most!

  66. Shane Boylan

    Gee Atherton cause he is part of a family of mtb’ers and he enspires me

  67. Jack

    I voted for Greg for his amazing laid back riding style and his laid back attitude comes across as such a friendly guy not to serious but when it comes down to it he’s shit hot at his job

  68. Sam Hill

    Because I made the most controversial team move in biking history and I will place a Nuke proof on a World Cup podium next year. 1:04 bosh

  69. mojoman

    Steve Peat for me as I am Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred, strong in the arm and weak in the head…!

  70. Laurence Truter

    Greg minnaar, Most successfull DH rider in History

  71. xcgeek.com

    CG for the win. ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

  72. dhlover

    greg minnaar..the most successful rider ever..a right pro rider..

  73. endubsss

    Sven Martin.

  74. Chris Edmunds

    I’m surprised rob Warner hasn’t been voted top for personality, he’s the voice of mtb downhill, absolute legend and also hilarious I listen to!

  75. Mike Bownds

    i agree with Chris above. Warner is a huge character & a legend of the scene. Same with Peaty tho! this is a very hard vote with Akgrigg, Gracia & Pilgrim all deserving the vote. if it was achivement of the year it wuld be Minaar, Gwinn, Rachel A or Peaty but its personality. on that basis Peaty gets my vote coz he on both lists!


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