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MOTO: FIM MX World Champs Portugal

MOTO: FIM MX World Champs Portugal

James Renwick James Renwick

While we’ve all been glued to the crazy happenings in the World Cup, this year’s MX world champs has also been throwing up a few surprises. MOTO Editor Ben Johnson brings you this mid-season round-up accompanied by highlights from the weekend’s GP of Portugal courtesy of MOTO’s answer to the Parkin brothers Mikey Neale.

Motocross is where it’s at – real proper scrambling on tracks rougher than Ryan Gigg’s home life. You can’t beat the great outdoors for excitement, and hell has the MXGP season been exciting so far. Teenage wonders, epic races, shock wins and some smashing smashes, the championship has seen an electric opener.

Former MXer Aaron Gwin isn’t the only two-wheeled god to light a rocket under the arse of the establishment this season. The MX1 world motocross championship big-guns have had to give second best to class rookie Steven Frossard twice already in six GPs. The Frenchman might be as interesting as white bread away from the track, but on the big Yamaha 450 he’s been a revelation so far this year. Smashing the opening moto win of the series and winning his home GP in France had ensured the man in black has grabbed much of the attention in the opening quarter of the GP series and shown himself a serious title contender for the big pre-season favourites, four-time world champ and style god Tony Cairoli and old-school Belgian bruiser Clement Desalle.

Cairoli himself has struggled to match the utterly dominant form that saw him run away with the 2010 title thanks to a bit of a bum knee, but the Italian maestro has still found it within himself to not only win GPs, but also provide the most exciting races of the year. Even when crock he’s the man to watch. He’s having to give second best to the hard Desalle currently however. The Belgian has found a whole heap of speed and confidence this year and looks to finally have the measure of Cairoli. Desalle leads the way in the title hunt, but by a neglible amount, and with the burly Belgian renowned for being unafraid to rough up his rivals expect some fireworks between him and Cairoli real soon.

MX2 meanwhile has been a teenage rout of epic proportions as KTM’s frighteningly fast twosome Ken Roczen and Jeffrey Herlings have won all but two motos and one GP between them, with the other win going to British ‘veteran’ Tommy Searle who’s the ripe old age of 21! Neither KTM rider is old enough to even drive and it’s a wonder and a worry how good this pair are already (imagine Troy Brosnan thrashing Gee and Co. by three seconds at a world cup and you’re close).

Roczen in particular has staked his claim as the fastest 250F rider on the planet and should have been well on his way to running away with the title but two big crashes in succession in France and Portugal have allowed Herlings to sneak into the championship lead and left Roczen feeling seriously second-hand and needing a big hug from his mum. Fully expect the Teutonic tearaway to bounce back and snatch the title though; he’s the next motocross legend.

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  1. Mike

    Sweet, loving abit of moto action.

  2. torico

    sorry but why is this on here?

  3. Renners

    Because there’s a lot of downhill fans out there that take an interest in motocross. Have you never heard the kids down at your local spot making brraaaap noises?!

  4. TimBud

    Surely thats why dirt has a sister mag, moto.
    And also a sister site: http://moto.mpora.com/

    Please don’t say that dirt is going back to trying to cover all 2 wheeled sports, like it used to a few years back.

  5. Renners

    Wooooaaah come on now team, it’s just a news post! While we’re on the topic who likes/doesn’t like seeing motocross on Dirt? Discuss and we’ll listen…

  6. stustustu

    If its two wheeled and a sick edit, why shouldn’t it be on the dirt website?

    Everyone is partial to a bit of BMX and MX action once in a while. End of the day, no one makes you watch it.

  7. Mike

    Well like ive already said and like has already been said, its sweet and moto is brilliant i for one wouldn’t have seen this otherwise and im glad i did. Yeah were all on here for the love of mountain biking but its good see something different every now and again and so what if theres sister mags and websites its all two wheels, fast and rad, BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP…

  8. TimBud

    Chill Renners 😉
    I like the moto action, but remember pretty well that dirt was not at its best when it tried to cover everything.

    Not saying it shouldn’t be on this site either, but it a bit inconsistent to squeeze it in half way through the FIM MX season. If it was featured more often there would probably get a different response eh.

  9. Leon

    I think it’s 100 percent welcome here , love seeing some MX action !
    I would guess that 90 percent of DHers like watching some MX every now and then , it’s only natural to appreciate another two wheeled off road , high speed adrenaline sport.

  10. Ronin

    It’s just a heads up for a majority of us who all share a common interest. Why don’t we just say…cool! and thanks! We’ve got a few before mt st Anne.

  11. MmmBones

    keep it coming guys. nothing but moto <3.

  12. Cord

    If people don’t like it, don’t click on it. Simples. I on the other hand, love it BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP

  13. james

    dirt shouldnt cover al the mx scene but some bits that are of interest are welcome i think also would like to see some the same way with bmx and fmx

  14. ronin

    better moto than wc xc racing ..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(with respect, ofcourse) do i lie?

  15. Fordy

    The edit wqas sick. Any downhiller has mx to thank for the fact our sport is so cool never see a guy on a moto in lycra. Plus massive whips and well hot monster chicks. Every now and then its fine

  16. Brentstyle

    I’ve no interst in MX, but the odd update wouldnt offend me. I remember you had a few BMX edits in the past that I loved even if not MTB. Tour de France posts might push it!!

  17. Elcielo

    I don’t have much interest in MX. But it is our closest cousin to DH. And lot of DH riders cross train in moto as we all know. I would prolly follow it more but after WC DH & Hockey I just don’t have anymore time for other sports. That being said it’s not like they post moto stuff everyday. If it’s once or twice a year I don’t see the problem with it. Especially when there is a big gap between DH world cups (like at the moment). Great edit btw!

  18. DanB25

    This is a very good idea, the odd update in motocross really touches my feelings

  19. Torico

    Blimey that stirred some debate! But I still haven’t heard a good reason for it to be here other than some dh riders like moto. I like moto too, I watch lots of it and can understand the crossover.however I would hazard a guess that more dh riders partake in xc riding than moto cross and dare I say it quite a few partake in road riding. Myself included. So the real issue is how are the billayers of the mag going to feel if dirt follows more moto. Persoanlly if I was mr SRAM, Shimano or countless other bike bike manufacturern I would be a bit pissed off and looking to put my money in a mag that represents our products. So in my mind an article on the tdf has far more interest to dh riders as well as far more relevance to the bill payers of this mag.come on dirt, do an article on the top road descenders in the world. 75 mph with just Lycra for protection and more balls than you can shake a shitty stick at! Do it properly and it could be a bloody good read and really open peoples eyes to the skill of riding in a bunch at speeds we will never come vaguely close to in our present form of racing

  20. Torico

    Anyway it’s a moot point , the only comments on this page will of course agree that moto has a place in dirt as they opened this page and read the article and then felt strongly enough to comment on it.

  21. Chris

    more videos with Danzig please

  22. Messy

    I don’t see how anybody can complain about this! Look at the jumps, the drifts, the speed. Its just awesome. Yes, its not MTB, but I think we would all secretly love a go…

  23. bobon

    I don’t see and Mountain biking on the moto site, how come!! http://mpora.com/motocross/

  24. bobon

    Oops wrong link, but I don’t see any here either!


  25. Brajsy

    Wahat is the name of the song and of the performer?
    I love it!

  26. tom

    Love love it!!! what’s that song please?

  27. jonzo

    Like Moto love Enduro but still don’t know why it’s here… unless dirt are trying to direct traffic to their moto site?

  28. Chris

    The song is Danzig – Mother, he used to sing for the Misfits (so you might like some of that too). It’s on the self-titled Album.

  29. tom

    thank’s Chris i can work now ….

  30. ronin

    @torico- just thank dirt for handling their “accounts” well enough that your rant can take up more space than a Shimano or Sram ad. holy sh*t. one personal interest piece and panties wad up. Personally, ur not Mr. Shimano for a reason. latitude.

  31. Robz

    I would be well up for some tour de france edits……

  32. TomD

    Jesus H Mary Christ! can’t people enjoy anything on the internet without having to argue about it?

  33. Wolly

    ahh so sick!

  34. Tom

    I don’t see some of you having a winge about friday randoms posts. This bad boy has even less to do with bikes than moto http://cdn2.static.mporatrons.com/site/dirt/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/image002.jpg

    The beauty of the Dirt site is they can post what ever they like…as it’s the web…. and you know, not a printed magazine.

  35. fortwilly

    torico- have you not got anything better to do?

  36. cooke

    i personaly think that moto and bmx should apper every now and again (aslong as the edits are good) but not consistent updates i think that dh should still apper the majority of the time though


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