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Morewood Bikes Back In The UK Thanks To Burgtec

21:07 5th February 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite

It’s no secret that we love Morewood bikes, and in particular their incredible Makulu DH bike. Although the odd shop in the UK has been buying them in through the European distributor there hasn’t really been anyone properly distributing them in the UK for a good few years now. Thanks to Burgtec though that is no longer the case, and the fact that the guys at Burgtec are also as sound as they come just makes the return of this brilliant brand even better.


As good as all the other Morewood bikes may be we can’t ever see another of their offerings eclipsing the Makulu that you see above. It is quite simply a staggeringly good bike in every way. If I was told that I could only ever ride one DH bike for the rest of my life this could well be that one. It really is that good.

As if it wasn’t already impressive enough, you’ll be able to buy the very build above, complete with BOS RaRe suspension front and rear, and a whole pile of other top drawer kit, all for £4400. And we’re not talking direct either, that’s through a shop with all the easy customer service that brings. We reckon that’s seriously competitive.


If that amount of cash still makes your eyes water then you might want to check out this Izimu instead which will sell as shown for £2600. We really want to get one of these bikes on test as we’ve got a feeling that it could be an absolute peach. The geometry looks to be just as spot on as the Makulu and we know that a well designed single pivot can perform just as well as more complicated designs. The spec also looks more than up to scratch.


Dropping down the travel range is the new all mountain/trail Sukuma. This has 150mm of travel and uses a ‘Split Pivot’ at the dropouts and a ‘Dual Concentric Design’ at the main pivot. In simple terms this means that the lower shock mount shares the same bolt as the main pivot. The idea is that this reduces weight both by removing the need for an extra bolt and mount, and by removing the need to strengthen another part of the frame to deal with the shock forces. Frame weight is also kept to a minimum thanks to a carbon seat stay arrangement. Yet again we can’t wait to test one of these out. If they’ve got anywhere near the suspension performance and geometry of the Makulu then they’ll be onto a winner.


Finally we have another new bike, the Jabula. This is essentially the same as the Sukuma, but this time you get 20mm more travel, bringing the total up to 170mm. Select your travel and take your pick.


  1. dirt dodger

    i would wet my pants in public for a makulu with air all round, sadly i don’t see it happening anytime soon :-(

    1. Machete

      YT Tues Pro has same suspension and none of the Spank tat and it’s well over a grand cheaper.

      Just sayin.

      1. Andy

        That maybe true but Morewood has race pedigree and has proven itself on the world cup circuit.

        Not only that but you would be supporting a British company if you bought a Morewood bike through a UK shop and have full warranty back up in the UK via Burgtec.

        Just saying that sometimes the extra money it costs is worth it.

    2. Machete

      No, sorry. I’m not shelling out an extra 4 figures on a bike to line a distributors pocket. I also couldn’t care less about ‘world cup pedigree’ because I’m just a weekend warrior with no world cup illusions. And with the money I’ve saved I’m doing 6 weeks in Europe starting in June. Turns out you can buy a lot of food, drink and diesel with £1500. That money is far better off in my pocket than yours.

      1. Andy

        I was just explaining what the extra money goes towards, no need to get on your high horse.
        Hopefully you’ll never have any issues with your bike. I’ve had to get a frame replaced before through warranty and was glad that I could go through my local shop. I’m just saying there’s a lot to be said for buying bikes from local shops within the UK.

        Also why would your money be in my pocket if you bought a Morewood?

  2. Demo 8 2012

    Save the bitching for pink bike many bikes cost different prices for different reasons that’s just the way it goes, it’s just good that burgtec are throwing out another option of bike for people to consider when wanting some thing new.

    “Just saying” what are you like 14 next you will be saying yolo


    1. Machete

      Clearly not 14, I’ve been riding for longer than that.
      I’m not a fan of bitching on the internet, I was merely trying to explain to a fellow bike rider where he could get his Bos fix for much less money before everyone went on the offensive.
      Yes it’s nice to have options but I’m sick of being financially raped for everything I buy from UK companies. I’d happily buy a Makulu if they would just ship it from the factory for much less cash. The old way of buying and selling is dead.

      1. Deon

        @Machete Morewood has never before had a direct-to-market sales channel, it’s always been via a distributor. We now just have the addition of further local support from and established and knowledgeable business.

        I’m not going into a long spiel how distributors add value to the sales chain as it will spank more pointless debate.

  3. Deon

    *without adding extra cost on top I should add.

  4. Jon

    What’s the RRP on the Sakuma over here?

    1. Dirtmonsta

      Sakuma = £3,199.

      What is a bargain is the Makulu coil. Last year it was £4,600. Now it is £3,500. Pretty much the same build. Nuts value.

      The only place I’ve found uk prices on most of the range is here: http://zulubikes.co.uk/product-category/complete-bikes/

  5. Tom

    Whats going on with the rear shock in the top pic? Makulus are supposed to run 3.5″ stroker! Looks like a chopper bike…

    1. fanboy

      @Tom: I guess BOS couldn’t deliver a shock in the right size. I’m not bitter.

    2. Andy

      No pressure in the air shock. Mine was delivered like that.

  6. rod fountain

    I miss people racing to say things ‘look like a Trek.’ Good days, them.

    1. Et Moi

      To be fair, the Sukuma does look like the remedy… a lot


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