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Mont Sainte Anne Worlds Entry list

Mont Sainte Anne Worlds Entry list

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The complete World Champs entry list for downhill and 4x country by country.







  1. Stooky

    What’s with rat boy he appears on the start list but with a big x next to his name. Is he in or out? I thought he was out????

  2. Stooky

    Sorry see it now he’s a sub.. That must be a rather bittter pill to swallow for the young lad.

  3. billy

    Will he make it in now that Manon is out?

  4. Jamie

    Hmmm… Barrel is listed for France.

  5. Rich Park

    No Will the Thrill for 4x?

  6. Generator

    I don’t think Barel is able to race. Or is he?

  7. Bikeactive

    Would be great to see Barel make it.

  8. samwell

    Barel is written but I don’t think he will race.
    Pascal for france is aslo on the list but hasn’t been selected in the french team, and there only be one junior male, so the franse has put a lot of people on the start list, but only a few will be there …

  9. Dean

    Bad news for Bryceland but if it goes on times and he’s outside the rest what can he do? Can he take the place of a female rider if Manon can’t make it?

  10. barney

    why is scott beaumont the only male 4x rider?? what about will evans, pat c j and tom dowie??

  11. james

    bryceland was probably put in after two good top ten finishes since that was the criteria for getting in

  12. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    To be fair Bryceland could pass for Manon in race kit! Just give him a wig and a Lapierre!….although Manon’s got bigger calves!

  13. Stooky

    Don’t who should take that coment worse!!

  14. kevin

    Good luck to all the Canadians going to be racing this weekend, especially the boys from the island Stevie, Drew, and Dean!

  15. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    If I was to say Nathan Rennie could pass as Manon then I think she could be offended – but not girly legged Ratboy!!

  16. stacy

    this should be brycelands last race on santa cruz.
    having that kid on a sick factory bike is a waste of resoursces.
    give the ride to someone who will take advantage of the opp.

    hope minnaar crushes everyone.

    the silly season will be more exciting that ever this fall.

  17. rat

    love you stacy xxx

  18. adam

    why is cedric not running for france
    rat boy would beat half the other british guys on that list especially on a track like st.anne

  19. Dixie

    Stacy thats a bit harsh..he’s still fast as! and made a name for himself when he was younger! If peaty had continued to have a poor season would you have said the same?

  20. AC

    “Will he make it in now that Manon is out?” – no, the limit is per-gender. IIRC each country can submit up to 7 riders per gender per event per age cat (junior/elite). I assume we get 8 because Peaty gets a free pass as reigning champion. Not sure how NZ have 8 on their list with none being marked as subs – anyone have any idea?

  21. AC

    Ah, by my own criteria they would get 8 because Brook was world junior champ last year.

  22. james

    but AC there’s nine british and eight americans

  23. AC

    9 brits: the 7 allowed + Peaty (as reigning champ, auto-entry) + a reserve. One of the americans is also a reserve. Keep up :)

  24. james

    ah so bryceland only races if someone else cant?

  25. AC

    That’d be my understanding of the terminology used!

  26. Gaz

    Wow Leigh Donovans racing 4 the US. Wicked, proper old skool. 😀

  27. stacy

    josh bryceland is very fast, he is very stylish……..but is he focused and fit?
    oh and just saying ‘i am focused and fit’ does not make it reality.
    hes not the only young brit running heavy on natural talent, and light on the work effort.
    wanna quick blast on the canucks……? tons of work effort, lots of natural talent, but our riders have the killer instinct of a wet sponge.when thomas vanderham qualifies for the canadian worlds team, ya know my country has racer issues too.

  28. cheeze

    Is Sick Mick still racing or is he out cos of the collar-bone injury from Wyndham? If he goes, we should put “I love cakes” Rennie back in!

  29. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    How come there are 7 Canadian ladies and only 3 Brits?

  30. stacy

    same reason the team would be bloated with brits if the event was in your country.
    all sorts of wannabes and hangers ons show up outta the woodwork during worldchamps/world cups/ and olympics/paralympics when the event is in your back yard.
    generally home country, can and does tend to bloat its rosters.


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