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Mont Sainte Anne World Cup: Victor's 7-a-day

Mont Sainte Anne World Cup: Victor's 7-a-day

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Photographer Victor Lucas brings us seven sizzlers from Sainte Anne

Victor Lucas: “I’m exhausted, hiking up and standing around in this humid weather has me tired out…I haven’t really got the energy to come up with witty captions, although I did keep Sven Martin going for an hour and a half with this little brain teaser “Of all the riders entered for the Elite mens DH, only 4 were born in the 70’s… who are they?” 3 are easy, but the last one is tricky…no cheating and looking at their licence codes either! So maybe that’ll distract from the boring captions…”

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  1. Jon P

    The easy 3… I presume that’s CG, Peaty and Pascal…? I think I know the 4th, but not 100%

  2. james

    its not barel is it?

  3. huck2flat

    Keene, Peaty, CG, pascal,

  4. Martín

    Peaty, CG, Tracy Moseley, Mick Pascal

  5. Victor

    correct mr huck to flat. Billy give that man a prize!

  6. Jon P

    I had either Keene or Klausmann… Wasn’t sure 😛

  7. Midge

    Interesting choice of disc sizes on Rat boy’s bike!


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