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Mont Sainte Anne World Championship Schedule

Mont Sainte Anne World Championship Schedule

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The World Cup finals at Windham have finished and now it’s straight on to Mont Sainte Anne for the 2010 World Championships.

We’ll be bringing you all the news and views from the Worlds this week so stay tuned.

Check out the schedule below, MSA is five hours behind the UK with 4x finals this Friday at 02.00am in the UK (21.00pm local time) and Downhill finals starting on Sunday with the juniors at 15.30pm (10.30am local time).


Quick look at the weather.




Past Winners for at MSA – Elite men & women

1993 John Tomac (USA) & Missy Giove (USA)
1994 Jürgen Beneke GER & Elke Brutsaert (USA)
1995 Franck Roman (Fra) & Nolvenn Le Caer (Fra)
1996 Tomi Misser (Spa) & Leigh Donovan (USA)
1997 Corrado Herin (Ita) & Missy Giove (USA)
1998 Nicolas Vouilloz (Fra) & Anne C. Chausson (Fra) [World Championships]
1999 Steve Peat (Aus) & Anne C. Chausson (Fra)
2000 Fabien Barel (Fra) & Missy Giove (USA)
2001 Chris Kovarik (Aus) & Sabrina Jonnier (Fra)
2002 Steve Peat (GBr) & Anne C. Chausson (Fra)
2003 Steve Peat (GBr) & Fionn Griffiths (GBr)
2004 Steve Peat (GBr) & Sabrina Jonnier (Fra)
2005 Fabien Barel (Fra) & Tracy Moseley (GBr)
2006 Chris Kovarik (Aus) & Sabrina Jonnier (Fra)
2007 Sam Hill (Aus) & Sabrina Jonnier (Fra)
2008 Greg Minnaar (RSA) & Rachel Atherton (GBr)
2009 Sam Hill (Aus) & Sabrina Jonnier (Fra)


Mont Sainte Anne is here, X or A marks the spot.

  1. Rich Park

    Interesting that the DH is on Sunday- In the UCI eyes is DH the Blue Ribbon event then? Always assumed that XC was more what the UCI and Olympics see as the Blue Ribbon event- personally its DH all the way!

  2. wICK

    if the course is what i have ridden a couple of weeks ago when they were working on it , the second upper part is different than what the DH course as been for the last couple of years.

    the second upper part that hooks right before the 90degre turn under the gondolas stays in the woods.If it’s what i’ve ridden , it’s steep , tech , gnar and will make magic happen.
    i maybe wrong tho , the course was not marked and i could have ended up on someting that will not bu used for worlds.
    it should tho ,

  3. intense951

    why is freecaster showing it will be live on saturday night at 6pm and above it says sunday at 3.30pm? Does anybody know what the real start time.

  4. andy lux

    intense951, yeah this has just messed my weekends plans up too. Freecaster is still showing it on saturday. Maybe someone has got the XC & DH mixed around. Can someone please confirm???

  5. billy

    I’d say FC are talking about the XC starting on Saturday, official website showing DH on Sunday http://www.montsainteanne2010.com/competitions-2-en/downhill_world_championships/info-generale

  6. andy lux

    Thanks Billy, now can you call my wife and tell her that following me going to watch Northampton play Leicester in the rugby, i’m going to need her to have our 7 week old son for an extra few hours so that I can watch Peaty retain the title!!! Trust me she’s a pussycat……..

  7. billy

    Andy, I’m not very good with cats, you’d better tell her!

  8. andy lux

    Oh Plumz!!! I had even managed to engineer my mum and dads anniversary knees up round at my bro in laws on sat night so that me and my boy could watch the Worlds on his new big screen!!! Billy, have a word with Francois at the UCI and get him to move it forward to Saturday night pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase.. Good Chap.

  9. german

    i told my wife we have to work extra hrs friday, saturday and sunday night. so i am safe…. very excited. all can happen…

  10. Tom_

    So how do they determine the start order with no classic “qualifying” round on saturday? UCI Rank? Timed session?

  11. Tom_

    Ok start list says its the UCI Rank after Windham that determines the start order.


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