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Mont Sainte Anne: Victor's 7-a-day WC Practice

Mont Sainte Anne: Victor's 7-a-day WC Practice

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Photographer Victor Lucas shares seven of his favourite images from the first day of practice at Mont Sainte Anne, Canada.

“These days when someone asks me what I do, I tell them I take photos of bicycle mud wrestling, that’s what it feels like since the sunny days of Fort William…It was a dirty dirty day in Mont St Anne.” VL

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  1. Rich

    Mystery rider, Al Bond?

  2. flozza

    im gonna say marc beaumont as the mystery

  3. marsha11

    Al Bond for the Mystery rider.

  4. kiwidher

    its scott mears! what do i win!

  5. phil

    gas-to-flat brayton

  6. hey

    yeah Al Bond all the way!

  7. nats

    al bond the rider?

  8. Klaus Augustin

    Thomas Braithwaith

  9. olliA

    Definitely Al Bond. The bike is a Glory boys ;D

  10. hey

    @olliA: yep + the fox vamplifier kit and the flatout corner-banging 😀

  11. Wolly

    yeah id go with Al Bond

  12. stevo

    al bond age

  13. brownie

    Al Bond Mystery rider fo sho

  14. stubob

    Al bond loving the mud!

  15. Rod Kimble

    Al Bond

  16. james

    Steven Seagal

  17. SamWakefield

    Bond… smashing it with the high rollers.

  18. Josh

    Al Bond

  19. MaDmAn

    mystery rider fo 100% is AL BOND 😉

  20. Nickkkk

    the mystery rider shot would make an amazing cover.

  21. Bruno

    My Bet : Mistery Rider is . . . . CHUCK NORRIS !!!!! the only man CRAZY enough to ride Maxxis Highrollers in the this muddy track man 😀


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