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Monday Mpora Video Mash Up

Monday Mpora Video Mash Up

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Here’s a couple of vids from the Mpora archives. Anybody get a video camera for Christmas? Come on then, let’s see some Christmas biking videos?

Number two in this montage features a Christmas tree, so bonus points for that.

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“So this was 2009″ a nice edit from Whitetux

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Winter warmer by branzelous testing out his new HD camera.

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HD is the new black this season, with Go Pro and VHoldR both giving it the full HD treatment. Here’s the MTB-MARTIGUES Riders with a Go Pro test.
(We got both here at Dirt and as soon as we work out how to use them we’ll pop some vids up)

  1. Christo

    yay my 2009 video made it in and that winter warmer is good to watch when stuck inside with the snow

  2. James

    That Go Pro cam is so good. First helmet cam footage that I can actually be bothered watching. The music made my ears bleed though!


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